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Find New Friends with Invisible Note

For those of you who may not already have enough friends and connections, DreamHost has come up with a new way of meeting people: Invisible Note. If you’re lonely and looking for a completely random person to connect with, this may be the service for you. There’s no stress that comes along with meeting face-to-face, nothing to get dressed up for, and no hands to shake.

When you visit the Invisible Note Web site, you will make up a random email address, consisting of [email protected]. That email will sit in the database waiting for the next person who chooses the same email address to come along. You’ll then be connected with each other. After all, if you chose the same words for an email address, you MUST be compatible, right?

The caveat, of course, is that your real email addresses will be exchanged once you’re matched up with someone. Might I suggest you create a free email solely for this purpose, such as with Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail? You can create something new and make it NOT identify with the real you in any way until such time as you are (maybe?) comfortable enough to share that information with your new pen pal.

I’m not sure, folks. On paper, this may sound like a fun and interesting research project. It seems more like a stalker-case waiting to happen to me, though. What are your thoughts? Will you try out Invisible Note for yourself?