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TechSay Says IT Surveys Pay

Breckenridge Cartwright (I swear that’s his name) thought this might be up your alley:

We figure the readers of Lockergnome might be interested in joining TechSay. If they do, they can get paid for their opinions on IT issues through online surveys. We know they are not going to answer a survey for “the chance to win an iPod”, so we just pay cash.

We use a point system to handle the fact that we pay out in USD, Canadian dollars, Euros, British Pounds, etc. but in any case for each questionnaire the participant knows in advance how much they will make (minimum $10). IT pros tend to like the money, but according to what we’ve heard, they also like being able to “fix” products / software / services that they will end up using on a daily basis.

We’d like you to invite your readers to join TechSay.

Okay, so obviously I’ll get a credit if I refer you to take these surveys – but I’m largely interested in getting paid for the feedback I have been previously been handing out for free.

Tech Jobs

http://live.pirillo.com/ – A user e-mailed Chris this question:

I am a 15 year old looking to find a career in the computer field. I’m already working very well with them and can figure out problems even if I haven’t encountered them before. I just don’t know where to start. How did you get to the point where you’re at now?

Chris grew up at a time when technology and computers were more of a hobby or affinity than anything else. Originally Chris was studying to teach grade school, which evolved into studying English. After graduation, Chris still wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do.

More than anything else: what you love will find a way of working its way into your life.

If you’re a good troubleshooter and you want to follow that path then try computer programming, or engineering. If, however, you’re more of a communicator then hone your communication skills.

Ultimately, follow what you love. You’ll get there in the end.

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