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Mirror.Me Reflects Your Interests on Social Media

What are you truly interested in? Do your Tweets reflect those passions? Are your followers learning about what matters to you? If you aren’t sure, then mirror.me is a great way to find out. The site aggregates information from your Twitter timeline into a seriously cool looking info graphic. Right in front of your eyes is the proof: you may not be putting out into the world the things that are closest to your heart.

People build communities around their interests to increase their enjoyment and expand their knowledge. The team behind this new service calls these “Interest Communities.” They believe these groups are the cornerstone of why – and how – we build social networks. These networks are a true testament of who we are and where our interests lie. Mirror.me invites you to put your face in front of the proverbial mirror and find out if your online personality reflects the real you.

The service takes a look at what you’re doing not only on Twitter, but on Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog and even Foursquare. They paint a picture of what you’re sharing on the Internet. Then, they give you tools to help you interact within each of these communities. Use the gathered information to help you decide if you need to shift your online activities in another direction to better meet your personal and professional goals if need be.

If you’re happy with your social mirror, share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook with one click. Prove to the world that you really do mean what you say and say what you mean. Let your true self shine through and allow it to lead you in the directions you want to go. I’ve said many times in the past that the key to being successful online is being your true self. Be transparent. Be YOU. Mirror.me shows that I am walking the walk that I talk! (No, I’m not quitting my day job to become the next Dr. Seuss!)

Not only will you get the cute little graphic to share, you can take a hard look at your community. Find out at a glance what your followers are most interested in – and what the people you follow are focusing on. The metrics as I’ve seen them are pretty accurate – at least in my case, and that of my assistant. Adding more of your social network connections (such as your Facebook, LinkedIn and blog) allows you to widen the data net that is cast.

It’s important to know if you are cultivating the right community. It’s equally as important to find out if you are presenting yourself to that community in the best possible way. Mirror.me can help you on both counts.