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Idapt to Your Gadget Adapters

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While covering the recent CES conference in Las Vegas for us, Traci stopped by the Idapt booth and met up with company founder Jacques Guadamillas. Picking up a box from the table, Traci was astonished! She was certain that they had snuck into her home and taken a picture of the mess of cables and adapters she has lying everywhere. Thankfully, Idapt can help her!

IDAPT allows you to charge several portable devices at the same time, through a simple system of interchangeable tips. To change the tip, press the buttons on each side of the tip and replace it with a different one. It really is that simple to use!

The Idapt comes with several different tips, as well as different-colored bases. You can choose from silver, black or hot pink! I’m thinking the hot pink one might look pretty good here in my home office, don’t you agree?

In any case, stop throwing fifteen different cords in a drawer, or letting them stay scattered all over your desk. Just grab yourself an Idapt, and be done with it!

Thanks, Traci, for all of your hard work – and the awesome inside look! – during CES.

Thanks also to the folks at Creative for sending the Vado 3 to Traci for use in recording during the conference!

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