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How can You Protect Your MacBook?

If you have a MacBook, you are likely protective of it. Notebooks are stolen every day, especially from college students. Would you like another layer of protection? TotalTechie from our live community sent in the following recommendation for all of us to try.

iAlertU is the ultimate free MacBook protection system. To activate and deactivate, you simply hold the menu button on your Apple Remote. This application runs in the background, so it doesn’t show up or interfere with you work, except for on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

So here’s the point. If anyone moves your MacBook, touches your keyboard, starts to close the screen, moves the Trackpad/mouse, unplugs the AC adapter, or unplugs any devices, an alarm goes off and a picture of the person is taken. The picture is sent through Mail.app to any specified email. Note that an account must be set up in Mail.app for this to work. This can be especially useful for college kids in dorms. People are always in and out of the dorms, and I know several people who had their MacBooks stolen.

Thanks to TotalTechie for this information that many of our readers may not have known. iAlertU is completely free, and can mean the difference between a stolen MacBook, and one that a potential thief runs away from.