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To Link or not to Link

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – A community member at large wrote in to ask why some Websites in this day and age do not use any type of Hyperlinking, to link to outside articles, products and Websites. I understand the reasoning behind some sites, but fully believe you HAVE to have links to the outside world in order to drive traffic back to yourself.

Many news sites may not use any type of Hyperlink on their site. Much of what they put on their site is bascially copied and pasted to be used to read live, or else to put into actual print. You can’t exactly click a link in print, or while the newscaster is talking!

Nothing gives you more traffice on your site, though, than when you link to outside sources and receive Trackbacks. You shouldn’t have too many links within any given post, but you do have to have SOME. How else are people going to find you?

Any time I talk about a specific product, service, or Website in a video, I link back to it in the blog write-up. Well, I should say we link back to it. Kat is the person who helps me out with the video converting, editing, embedding and write ups. She makes sure to do the research on what I record, get the proper links, and add them to the write-up. This allows you to get more information as you read or watch my videos, and also allows others on those sites to find us. Well… hopefully anyway. Knock on… particle board!

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