My House Tour Video (2011)

A few years ago, I uploaded my first Home Office Tour after on a New Year’s Day “Subservient Chris” request. This exploration has since become an annual tradition, with me having skipped only one year (and being kindly lambasted for doing so).

For years, individuals from this community have been asking for a complete house tour – and I’ve been reluctant to give it, if only because I didn’t think it’d be all that interesting. Well, today might mark another annual tradition – a complete home video tour on my birthday.

While the home office tour was simply put online for immediate digestion, I decided to go a step further with the house tour and make it available for rental only. I did this for a few reasons: (1) to make it truly special, (2) because there’s a real value to it, (3) because it’s my birthday and I can.

For a fee, you can watch the house tour video on YouTube – though we’re still trying to figure out how to support the international community, so another viewing option should be made available soon. I’d like to (honestly) create a universal iOS app for the video and make it available at a lower price point, too – but I have no skill as a programmer / developer, so that idea will likely have to wait. We’re also going to make this available on DVD – and that link will be added to the viewing options in this post when it’s ready to go. I’m not sure anybody would really buy it, but… stranger things have happened.

Watch it here:

If you’re watching from outside the United States, you can find it here:

If this effort isn’t seen as “successful” over the next year, it probably won’t happen again. I’d like to say I made enough from the idea to cover my mortgage for a month, though. That would be one helluva birthday present!

Do You Zleep on Your Zillow?

This is a guest post written by Matt Gamboa.

Are zou looking for zee house? Or perhapz zee zestimate on what zee home would zell for? Zillow looks to help the real estate savvy consumer with all things related to the market.

Co-created by Microsoft all-star and Expedia brain-child Rich Barton, Zillow looks to empower all parties in the real estate system with the knowledge needed to make their real estate search or sale easy as can be. The site is largely community-driven, there is an “Advice” area where users seeking some answers can post questions and get answers from other users who’ve been through the same situation, or from mortgage and real estate agents who have professional knowledge. This bringing together of all parties into one online community helps bridge the gap between seller and buyer.

Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink were looking for a new house around the same time and found it extremely difficult to find the information they were looking for. They felt it should not be so hard to buy a house, and decided to make a service specifically for that. The name Zillow came from the concept of zillions of data points for homes. Your home is also where you sleep every night on a pillow… Zillow. This is also where the term “Zestimate,” a term coined by Zillow to give an analytical prediction of what a home is worth, comes from.

Along with home information placed interactively on a map, Zillow also offers some unique, useful resources such as Dueling Digs; which shows the same area in two different houses and lets you vote for which is better. There’s also a Make Me Move option, where you can set a price that would make you sell your house. Users can see that price an act upon it if you’re lucky! If you’re looking for or a cool, fun way to search for real estate, Zillow offers that environment.

If you’re a developer, you should check out Deploy 2010 on Monday, November 08, 2010 from 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (PT). Deploy 2010 is an all-inclusive conference for technology builders to give you new tools to create the applications of tomorrow. The conference will be held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle.

More Bars in More Kitchen Places

More Bars in More Kitchen Places

My countertop gets great reception in the morning. I won’t take this strong signal for granite. Thanks, AT&T!

Of course, if I lean up against it “the wrong way,” the bars seem to disappear – which would lead me to believe that there’s a problem with the counter.

My Mac OS X Dock

My Mac OS X Dock

You might have seen me visiting the factory the other day (it was streamed live, then I uploaded my pillow interview to YouTube). I can think of a few reasons you’d want these pillows somewhere in your home:

  1. You’re a geek.
  2. You’re not a geek, but you’re trying to appeal to your partner (who is a geek).
  3. You love Apple.
  4. You don’t love Apple, but you need conversation starters for your next party.
  5. You want to make people think that you love Apple.
  6. You use Mac OS X.
  7. You don’t use Mac OS X, but you want to make people think that you use Mac OS X.