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Maximize your Home Value

Stan “the Man” Mackey (Voted the best real estate agent in Seattle) has a few more bits of info for all homeowners:

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your new home. Now that you are settled in, I wanted to give you some information on how to maximize your home’s value. Property values have risen fairly dramatically over the last few years. We have become used to selling our homes for a profit. During a slower economy, though, property values may not appreciate as rapidly. Here are some suggestions on how to maximize your home’s value:

  • Remodeling the kitchen and/or baths is one of the best ways to add value.
  • Adding a room or garage is an expensive improvement, but can pay off if it is carefully designed and seamlessly executed.
  • Adding or improving decks and patios can add value.
  • Improving landscaping often adds appeal, but not necessarily value.

We did remodel the master bath, we improved the deck by adding stairs to the lower level, and we also landscaped a bit. I hope our improvements pay off (not just for us, but when we’re ready to sell). Still haven’t found a local Seattle carpenter to help us with a few small custom projects, though.