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New ytcracker Album!

Geeks, meet your voice! While I don’t consider myself a hip-hop or rap fanatic, I love this guy – and his new album will be out in a few weeks.

  • Artist Name: ytcracker
  • Album Title: nerd life
  • Music Genre: Nerdcore
  • Record Label: Nerdy South Records
  • Album Producers: dj snyder, tanner4105, redcat/bbear, robby atoms, sark 2.0, silent john
  • Album Availability: 12/17/06
  • Pre-orders Available: Immediately (with autograph)
  • Rating: FIVE STARS!
  • ytcracker - nerd life
  • Track List:
    1. the beginning
    2. shouts
    3. still dg (tanner4105 mix)
    4. reintroduction
    5. slope
    6. padillac shouts
    7. shineback
    8. game theory
    9. shouts
    10. everyone knows
    11. nerdy swagger
    12. social engineering
    13. downloadupload
    14. untouchable
    15. shouts
    16. random toxicity
    17. nerd life

Every red-blooded boy and girl geek needs to buy this album. I first heard about ytcracker on Adult Swim, and I’ve been a fan ever since. He throws nerd jargon around like it’s nobody’s business. Much like Derek, ytcracker is a geek music legend in his own time.