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Motorola Head-mounted Computer Gen.2 Kopin Golden-i

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Imagine walking around with a head-mounted 15″ display to view information available to you at all times. This system features a pretty cool six-axis position tracker from Hillcrest Labs that allows you to operate a cursor with nearly pixel-for-pixel accuracy by just moving around your head when for example panning around a large image or a map. There is a highly targeted microphone that understands voice-commands where you can for example zoom in on maps or images, you can exit back to the programs menu, launch specific applications and open specific files.

Here are the specs of this Second Generation Kopin Golden-i Motorola-branded Head-mounted Computer system:

  • Processor – TI OMAP3530 clocked at 600MHz
  • Display – Kopin SVGA (800 x 600) liquid crystal micro display (LCD)
  • User interface – Includes speech recognition and motion sensing
  • Other I/O – 1 x USB
  • Expansion – microSD slot
  • Power – 1200 mAh battery provides more than eight hours of operation
  • Operating system – Windows CE

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This video was filmed by Charbax from the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.

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