A Loco Moco in Issaquah?!

I headed over to Coho Cafe for lunch today. When I first arrived, my stomach just wasn’t sure what it wanted – until I opened the menu. The beautiful goodness of the Kogi Stack leaped off of the page and I placed my order.

This entree is a concoction made from braised Kalbi shortribs, a Kim Chee fried rice cake and sunny-side-up eggs. I am happy to report that it went down quite easily and my tummy is no longer making strange sounds.

The Story of LOST Told by Cats

The people over at Tremendous News are going to miss the popular television show LOST. In case you may have missed out on watching it in the past, the team put together this awesome one-minute video. It purrrfectly describes the entire show, and the whole thing was done with adorable little kitty cats.

If you have been following the show all these years, good for you. Our friend Traci Toguchi played a role on there in season four. I had a fantastic time touring some of the sets in Hawaii, and almost felt as though I was a part of the show. Alas, I admit to not really watching it. I don’t watch a lot of television. Who has time for that these days?

Are you a LOST fan? Does this video come pretty close to resembling the show?

What Can You See in Hawaii?

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I just returned from Hawaii, courtesy of @alohabruce and his team at Hawaii-Aloha. Despite visiting the state to speak at a Social Media conference, they coaxed me out onto the water for an afternoon of frivolity. I learned there are many interesting things to see there in Oahu.

Believe it or not, I managed to not have a problem with motion sickness. Being The Great Indoorsman, it was very tough for me to have to be outside… in a boat… racing at break-neck speed across the water… and having that giant yellow thing in the sky beating down on my face. I swear I’m not going out of my house again for at least a month. I’ll need that much time to recuperate.

Imei thought it would be great fun to make the boat rock back and forth. HELLO! I don’t think this thing was designed for that kind of nonsense. It seems to me as though it should ride smoothly through the water at a sedate pace – much like a luxury car going down a new stretch of highway. Imei apparently doesn’t agree.

Bruce pointed out something the locals call a “Sea Booger.” I thought it was rather interesting looking, but got yelled at when I wanted to touch it. Danger Will Robinson! I’m still not sure why the hell I couldn’t play with it.

A moment later, we were enjoying the gorgeous scenery and seeing some pretty amazing rocks. All of a sudden, one of them started moving! What the hell! This thing was gargantuan, with legs as long as an Anaconda. The pinchy things on the ends of its legs look like something straight out of the movie Predator – or was that Alien?

Once that thing was gone from view, I was amused momentarily by a nice fat Sea Turtle. He was cute, in a slow kind of way. He didn’t worry me overly much… at least, not as much as Hawaii’s very own Sarlacc pit. It didn’t have tentacles and it kept erupting with water. That seemed mostly harmless.

I’m happy to report that there was no sign of Boba Fett there in Hawaii.

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Social Media for Business in Hawaii

I was fortunate to be a presenter at Next Level Hawaii last weekend. Kelly Mitchell and her team did a fantastic job of putting this conference together.

The folks behind Believe and Succeed grabbed several excellent behind-the-scenes clips from both attendees and presenters. This particular mini-interview with Geoff Livingston is informative, interesting and funny.

Geoff said that this was his second trip to the Islands, and he absolutely loves being there. He notes (as I always do) that the people are what makes Hawaii so amazing. He felt this conference was a great tool to help coordinate the different things that people are doing socially on the different islands that make up Hawaii.

Even though people may be a part of the same state, they may not always talk to each other. Bringing them together by using social media sites can have a huge impact on the way that they can do business.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.

Hawaii Update

Here’s what I just encountered in the lobby of the hotel:

To give you a bit more perspective:

Hawaiian Software Update