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What Kind of Food do They Eat in Scotland?

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I’ve never been to the UK, but I’ve always wanted to go. Heck, I’d love to visit Ireland and Scotland as well. I got an email the other day that I thought would be fun to make into a video. I get emails from all over the world. I really love hearing about your countries, and even the favorite foods of your locale. So Neil sent me an email with the top five meals in Scotland for me to share with you.

  • Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Ever heard of this? Didn’t think so. This is his favorite meal. Haggis is not exactly the best-sounding food. It’s sheep heart, lungs and liver all mixed up and served in a sheep’s stomach. It’s YUMMY, trust me. Neeps are a watery vegetable with a sweetness to it. Tatties are potatoes, usually mashed.
  • Full Scottish breakfast. I don’t tend to eat this every morning, as it can be unhealthy. It consists of Black pudding (which contains oatmeal and pig or cow blood), baked beans, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and fried tomatoes.
  • Stovies. Stovies is traditionally a left over dish from the Sunday Roast, using the tatties, meat and dripping leftovers all thrown into one pot. Meat used varies from chicken, beef and lamb.
  • Scottish steak. This is more of a worldwide dish. It has to be angus beef, fried with onions and tomatoe, and a pepper sauce.
  • Fish supper. This is really a carry-out meal. It consists of Haddock deep fried in batter with chips. Scottish people prefer this to things like hamburgers.

Send me an email to tell me about the favorite foods and meals from your country! I’d love to hear about it.


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