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World’s Geekiest Tea

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I love to relax with a cup of tea. My favorite tea has a taste of popcorn and rice, all mixed together. Tea is geeky, really! At least, this variety is. It’s Geekalicious, as a matter of fact. You can order some for yourself. The box even has my face on it!

This stuff even smells amazing. It’s so soothing, honestly. You can see the popcorn, rice and other things when you open the box. Why are we doing this video? I drink this stuff constantly! MIghty Leaf asked if I wanted to put my face on the box. Heck yeah!

We came up with the description and box design, and even the fact that it’s nutty tasting! You can buy the tea right now for ten dollars, and even sign up to be an affiliate!

This is a limited edition run, to see how it goes. There’s only going to be 250 sold, so get yours fast! If things go well, we may just be in business folks! You can use the tin for something else once the tea is gone, so what do you have to lose?

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