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iPad Fun for Kids and Adults – Granimator

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The Granimator iPad app is a freeform iPad & iPhone wallpaper creator. Begin by choosing one of the pre-designed templates created by artists from around the world. Each artist pack includes different sounds, tools, shapes and backgrounds with it.

Draw, tap, pinch, drag and interact with the various graphical elements to create art and soundscapes. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve created, share it by sending to your iPhone. You can also choose to share with your friends on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or Granimator’s website.

Granimator is a LOT of fun – likely too much fun. It’s causes someone like me who has ADD to keep creating new things… over and over and over and over and over.

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How to Create Free Form Wallpaper on Your iPhone and iPad

One of the questions people ask me over and over is: “What wallpaper are you using?” I tend to change it up quite often, so the answer is always changing. Everyone wants cool desktop graphics. It’s hard to find something truly unique though. You don’t want to use the same thing everyone else is, do you? I didn’t think so! This is why I think Granimator is so awesome.

Granimator is a sound-based wallpaper creator. Tap the shapes to play sounds, and pinch a shape to change the pitch. This free-form experience allows you to become the artist. Create something no one else will have on the face of the Earth… unless you choose to share what you’ve come up with via Flickr, Twitter or the Granimator website.

Get started by choosing the styles, shapes and backgrounds you are interested in. Change things up by touching and dragging each asset around the screen. This creates your free-form design. The app is available on iTunes right now as a free download. Don’t panic if you don’t have an iPad yet, though: you can still play around with the different wallpaper packs right on the site!

If you grab Granimator for yourself, make sure you show off your masterpieces to the community.