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Who Wants an iPad?

The Internet has been saturated today with content about the iPad. Everywhere you look (including here on my own site), you’ll find blog posts, pictures, videos and teasers. Some of the information was educational. Some of it was funny. Some of it makes me even more anxious for my own iPad to show up on my doorstep in a few hours. Nothing that I have come across, however, has been as entertaining as Robert Scoble’s tweet stream.

Robert got into line (first in line!) at the Palo Alto Apple store Friday morning at 11:00 AM. The Apple store there doesn’t open until 9:00 AM on Saturday to start selling the iPad. Yes, folks… that is 22 total hours the man will spend in line. My first thought was that he was absolutely freaking insane. As I read the tweets floating by, though, I began to realize how truly genius of a move this was. Not only is Scoble going to be the first at that store to buy the iPad, he’s also spending some quality time with some very cool people.

Reportedly, Chatroulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy is hanging out in the line. Not only is he coming up with new ideas for his service, he agreed to finally give in and join Twitter. There are a few venture capitalists milling about. Let’s hope several locals were smart enough to brush up their business plans and join the fray.

At one point, Will Park was streaming the show live – thanks to Scoble’s generator. Sadly, though, the Po-Po came and made Robert shut down the generator. That particular tweet had me laughing so hard I nearly had a “moment” I cannot share here. Sorry, dude… that’s just funny.

The point of this post isn’t to poke fun at Scoble, even though that is admittedly fun to do. The point, my friends, is to show you that hanging out in a line for more than 20 hours in front of a building is about FAR more than a buying a device. You never know who you will run in to – or what could happen – in line at the Apple store!

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Windows Defender Problem

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Back when I hosted Call for Help, I spent a lot of time helping people with Windows issues. I love how much easier it is now that there is excellent software like GoToAssist, which allows me to connect remotely to someone else’s desktop. Today, I was able to help someone work through a Windows Defender problem!

GoToAssist allows you to help more people in less time, by cutting out travel time and costs. You can even handle routine maintenance and updates for your customers during the time their business is closed – right from your own home or office.

I love using GoToAssist because of the diagnostic report that I receive about the computer I’m connected to. It tells me the network connections, the processes running at the time, devices and default browser, and even the applications that are open at the time. It gives me a ton of information at the click of a button, without my having to waste time asking someone several questions. I have the answers immediately.

Zack was nice enough to let me connect to his computer, and asked for help with Windows Defender. I’m sure Zack could have figured out the problem on his own, but he was nice enough to allow me to control his desktop to showcase GoToAssist. According to Microsoft, the fix for his problem was easy enough – uninstall and reinstall Defender.

Connecting to someone’s computer is the fastest way for you to help them fix any problems you can think of on their machine. It’s so much faster to do this than to explain to them on the phone or even via an instant message! Check it out for yourself with the free 30 day trial!

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How to Visualize Files on Your Hard Drive

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During our last GoToMeeting, we took a look at what Will had on his desktop. He was using StepTree in order to view and manage the files in his hard drives. This free program is extremely extensive, and will allow you to keep control of what’s on your computer.

StepTree is basically a Tree-Map extended into three dimensions where the size of files and directories is mapped to area in the visualization. Therefore, the area of a directory in the visualization is indicative of the sizes of all the directories below it.

There are thousands upon thousands of files in your hard drive when the computer is new – long before you ever add your first program or document. Anyone who thinks they have full control over every one of those files is sadly mistaken. Using a free program like StepTree lets you keep track of your files, and maintain your hard drive properly.

Every week we do a GoToMeeting with people from our live community. GoToMeeting is the perfect way to collaborate and share what’s on your desktop with others. You can use it for your next business meeting, or just to show off your latest gaming achievements to your friends. Make sure you join us for the next one!

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What Survey Service Do You Use?

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The GoToMeeting session this week focused on a pretty cool service that Derek told us all about. I wasn’t sure that the Internet needed yet another survey service – but this one is definitely worth checking out! Derek feels that this service is better than anything currently out there. SurveyGizmo is completely intuitative, and has more than 20 question types. There’s nothing to set up, and nothing to download!

SurveyGizmo is one of the most powerful and easy to use online survey tools around. You can start creating surveys online in seconds. Our robust and powerful feature set includes survey piping, skip logic, survey branching, survey logins, browser redirects, and much more. With our real-time reporting, you can even start making survey-based decisions right away.

The designers of SurveyGizmo started their site because they were frustrated with the look and features available on other similar sites. They focused on not only features, but the design as well. Not only do the surveys not suck – they look great!

You can get a free account, or buy any one of a number of levels, based on your particular needs. You can compare plans, and even use their wizard to help you choose what plan may fit you best. If you’re doing a simple one-page survey with less than 250 users answering, then the free account will work well for you. Larger companies with huge surveys will of course want to use a paid level… as well as universities performing an academic research survey.

Derek walked us through creating a simple survey. It took only moments to do. He demonstrated how once you build and finish your survey, you can go back in and edit your questions or anything else about what you created. It’s exceedinly easy to use, without any learning curve at all.

The next time you need to create a survey, be sure to check out SurveyGizmo. And of course, when you have a need to share desktops with one or several people, be sure to give GoToMeeting a try!

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How to Browse Playlists with Gestures

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This week’s GoToMeeting allowed us to learn about a free program called FluidTunes. Matt demonstrated this for us, as you can see on his screen once I gave him control of the GoToMeeting.

FluidTunes gives you control over your music using only a camera, and your hands, head or feet. Swipe your hand from left to right or right to left over the screen center to scrub. Wave quickly at buttons to activate them. Without using a keyboard or mouse, you can navigate through your music and play or pause songs.

FluidTunes is very visual. I’ve heard about this before, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it at all. This was the first time that I’ve been able to even see much about what it’s about. It’s based upon spatial interaction with your computer. It takes that concept and plugs it into your iTunes library. You can visually browse your library, and make changes and choices just by moving parts of your body.

I gotta say it – how fricken cool is this? It’s just amazing to see something like this. Admit it, did you think even a few years ago that something like this would ever be possible? Heck, you can even use your head to go through your library instead of your hands. Matt says it’s actually quite practical, not just something to show off with.

Also, Matt says that software like this may be very helpful when using a home theater pc, such as during a party. You don’t have to fight over the remote control. You can show off to your friends and family. It’s just something very cool, fun and interesting to try out. Why not try it today – it’s free!

Don’t forget that GoToMeeting can be used for all of your telecommunication needs. It can save you time, money and energy. Why travel across town (or the country!) when you can sit in the comfort of your own home and stay connected visually.


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Are You a Movie Mashup Mixmaster with muvee?

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If you’ve seen random clips from my live stream (such as outtakes) floating around YouTube, they were probably done by UncleJohn. Tonight in our GoToMeeting session, UncleJohn demonstrated muvee, which is what he uses to put these clips together for all of you. By the way, you can save 10% off muvee autoProducer by clicking through this link and you can get a special trial of GoToMeeting by following my link.

UncleJohn said it’s very simple to use, and has saved him a ton of time when making montages out of my video clip. Just add your photos or videos, select a theme and music, and let muvee do the rest.

One click and you can give your muvee the style of your choice. From scrapbook style to high energy. The style feature sets the mood with its unique effects and textures. There are an infinite number of ways you can personalize your muvees. Music, style, captions, voiceover, and even details like credits at the end are all yours to choose. The possibilities are wide open.

Even before you save your muvee, you can watch it instantly in full screen in DVD-quality. This allows you to review your muvee in greater detail and make ongoing changes at any time. You’ll see exactly what you’re getting instantly. And if you don’t like it, you can change it on the spot. Instant gratification super-sized. muvee Reveal makes everything easy. Automatic brightness, color correction, rotate image, red eye reduction, focus in on specific details, image sequence—you’re in control of it all and more.

I’ve used muvee myself many times in the past. It’s so easy to create a new movie. I love using it when I have small clips like from a vacation trip, and want to mash them up into one nice little movie clip. It takes about ten minutes to assemble and create a video, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time on this.

Remember to check out both muvee and GoToMeeting. Both of these programs can increase your productivity, and save you time. It’s always good anytime you can make your life easier.

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Would You Like to Try the Bumptop Beta for Windows?

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We’ve been doing GoToMeeting sessions again. I thought this time around, I’d ask presenters to show off different tips and tricks they have. Marc Billow decided to demonstrate BumpTop for us. You, too, can sign up for a Beta code – without having to wait five months for it! We’re going to be giving away 100 instant access codes so that our community members can help test this out!

BumpTop is a fresh and engaging new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can pile and toss documents like on a real desk. Break free from the rigid and mechanical style of standard point-and-click desktops. Interact by pushing, pulling and piling documents with elegant, self revealing gestures. BumpTop’s stunning interface makes clever use of 3D presentation and smooth physics-based animations for an engaging, vivid user experience.

As Marc shows you, you can literally make your virtual desktop look more like a real desktop. It’s a lot of fun to play with, and very addictive. Instead of losing everything with a standard Windows desktop, you can make things stand out the way you are comfortable with using BumpTop. You can create tidy piles with documents and icons, move them anywhere on your desktop, and even let everything have a ‘messy’ look.

So as I said, we’re giving away 100 instant-access codes so that you can run this utility now. If you want to be one of these people, you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and subscribe to Marc’s YouTube channel. You also have to leave a comment in this blog post on my website. Make sure you leave a good comment, which is something that adds to the discussion here. If you leave an insipid comment such as “wow this is cool!”, your comment will be deleted and you will not be eligible.

Thank you so much to Tim and the team at Bumptop for putting this together for us!

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GoToMeeting Demo and Special Discount

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It’s been a while since we last played with GoToMeeting. They’ve updated their software, and now we can see both Mac OS X and Windows desktops. I’d like to start doing live screencasts with those of you who love doing them anyway – we’ll use GoToMeeting once a week and make it happen live with the stream – email me if you have an idea of what you’d like to demonstrate if you are selected to share your screen with our GoToMeeting session!

If you’d like to take advantage of the special deal, it’s only available at http://gotomeeting.com/ChrisPirillo – that link has been live since we first started doing GoToMeeting sessions with the live stream. It was interesting to see people light up when they saw the new functionality – or seeing and using GoToMeeting for the first time. I decided that for this particular re-introduction, I’d give my Kodak Zi6 another shot. It performed well enough, although I had to increase the brightness ever-so-slightly, which killed some of the finer details of what was happening on-screen. Still, I think you get the idea. I could have also recorded the GoToMeeting session on-screen, but it was much more fun to dynamically interact with the camera in front of me.

So, stay tuned – if you have ideas for what you might wanna demo live in a GoToMeeting session, and you have a good microphone, screencasting experience, and a clean desktop, please let me know. I’ll bring you full-screen and let you narrate the entire thing! Of course, I might ask questions here and there. Who wouldn’t?

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Computer Tech Support with Citrix GoToAssist (Beta)

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Ever since we brought Citrix and GoToMeeting aboard as a sponsor, we’ve had tremendous feedback. Every day, our users ask if we can start a GoToMeeting, to have a live ‘meeting’ together, and share desktops.

What if you want to do the opposite, though? Let’s say for arguments’ sake that your Mom is having a problem with some software. You’re on the phone, trying in vain to help her through it. She’s not understanding what it is you’re telling her, and you’re both getting frustrated. Trying to initiate a remote desktop session with those who don’t know how to use it is a challenge and a half.

Enter a new Beta program from Citrix, called GoToAssist. This is a public beta that will allow you to initiate screen sharing sessions with either a Windows or a Mac user. The controlling client is currently only available for a Windows platform, but you can still access a Mac system. This is your chance to give feedback to this company to tell them what you’ve always wanted and needed in a client like this. Oh… did I mention you can open multiple sessions at once?

Here’s what’s exciting about GoToAssist Express:

  • Designed for speed – you can start sessions in seconds
  • Easy for you and your clients to use – clients only click once to connect
  • Creates a “like-being-there” support experience that saves money and travel time

I definitely want to thank the people at Citrix for being such an amazing sponsor, and for opening this up to be a public Beta. Please take the time to try this product for yourself, and send them feedback. Let them know what a great community this is that we’ve built, and show them how much help you can be in shaping their products.


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