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Gmail Problems

Gmail scalability issues, perhaps?

Hello, Chris. My name is [BLANK] from [BLANK]. Have you heard of anyone having problems with Gmail recently? Something has happened to my account; I did not change my password but now I cannot login. The Gmail Team told me to wait 5 days and then try to recover my password. I waited the requisite time (without any access whatsoever).

Today, I tried unsuccessfully to recover my password. As a last-ditch effort I chose to have Gmail send an email to my secondary email account. I was then told that an email had been sent to my verizonmail.com secondary account. That wouldn’t be bad — except — I have never ever had a verizonmail.com account.

This makes me wonder — have they deleted my account? Did they give it to someone else? This is so bizarre, it just cannot be normal. Thank you for reading this.

I use Gmail, but only as a secondary account (and to access Google’s growing list of services. I’ve warned people before: no matter what you happen to use, if you get the service for free, expect interruptions. The same holds true for any service provider (Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc.).

Google Docs Spam?!

Heh. I just got a piece of comment spam. No big deal, other than the hyperlinks included within seem benign on the surface:

  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_0fzhnr7
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_29mb42b
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_3fpcbcz
  • http://docs.google.com/View?docid=df2wwh2p_4cfmjkx
Google Docs Spam!?

Go ahead, try one of ’em. For the moment, you’ll be sent to a sparse page that shows nothing but a centered text advertisement. They’re legit Google Docs – but would this be considered a Google Documents exploit? It’s bad enough I’ve gotta run spam filters on my email – do I have to start watching out for spam documents and spreadsheets, too?

Memetracker Hacker

Because I didn’t know how to effectively game the system, our TechMeme hacking efforts at Gnomedex fell on silent algorithms. I wrote about the new “Windows Live Writer” earlier, but I’m not showing up in TechMeme’s current list o’ Live links. Gabe might hate me for 0wning TechMeme in Google (currently #1). I haven’t visited TechMeme much lately, as I already subscribe to Arrington’s and Rubel’s blogs independently.

Google to Google, Dust to Dust

Does anybody out there use Google’s Hello? Hello!? Yeah, Hello – the photo-sharing IM service that integrates seamlessly with Picasa and Google’s Blogger service. Here’s the problem I have with Hello: none of my friends use it. My real question is: why isn’t Picasa pushing people to use Google Talk, instead – and why isn’t Google Talk incorporating Hello technology? Argh.

Wired on Wired

I remember the first time I ever saw WIRED magazine – back when I was [email protected] (in the early ’90s). It was pure literary awesomeness. Evan Hansen stumbled upon ‘freedbacking’ somehow, and wanted to know a little more about it. I’m still not sure the idea has legs, but I’ll have a super-simple Freedbacking.com set up some time after Gnomedex. From Are You ‘Freedbacking’?:

Tagging has already proven to be a powerful tool for organizing information on the web, and Pirillo’s twist of using a made-up word with no Google presence to jump-start a new category of conversation is an interesting idea. If enough people go along, Pirillo and others hope, the term could alert developers to feedback that just might make their products better.

Rock on. Evan and I talked about putting a word to there not being a word in Google. It’s not googlewhacking (which is when there’s only one result for a keyword or two). If the word doesn’t exist, and you’re trying to make it a word, shouldn’t it be something like a googlemology? I must note that, as of the time I’m writing this, the word “googlemology” is not showing up in Google. The story is becoming the story. Of course, that’s a googlification of the word “etymology.”

Net Neutrality is Dead

I have one word for y’all: Ouch:

Senate panel narrowly rejected strict Net neutrality rules on Wednesday, dealing a grave setback to companies like eBay, Google and Amazon.com that had made enacting them a top political priority this year. By an 11-11 tie, the Senate Commerce Committee failed to approve a Democrat-backed amendment that would have ensured all Internet traffic is treated the same no matter what its “source” or “destination” might be. A majority was needed for the amendment to succeed.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why the Internet doesn’t have its own government. Can’t we make ourselves our own country or something? Wasn’t it started started with the idea of easy, equal access for everybody? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this point. Someone, please wake me up? Todd’s right: this is a national emergency. I’ll take his assertion one step further: this is an INTERNATIONAL emergency. Help us Obi-Tim Kenobi – you’re our only hope.

New Google Earth Beta

It’s out, but I’m very sad to report that the new version of Google Earth is still calling on Arial as the default Window UI font (not the internal 3D mapping font, which is fine). Why do developers insist on using this instead of Tahoma (or Segoe UI, in the case of Windows Vista)?! Sorry, Google – if this is your first beta of v4.0, you’re already failing miserably in my book.

I posted more about this in tonight’s report, You Live on Google Earth – including stating that this really is a tremendous app that has amazing potential, but I just refuse to look past something as simple as using Arial as the default font in the non-3D experience. At least Google Talk allows you to change the font throughout the entire app!

I am sick and tired of playing the UI heavy around here. Would someone smack the appropriate person over at Google and tell ’em to get their app act together? It’s great that they’re acquiring great software left-and-right, but it’s not great that they’re not conforming to a single user experience. I’ve given Microsoft hell for this – but they certainly don’t have a monopoly on inconsistent software experiences. I catch hell for stating that Google Earth is still calling on Arial throughout their entire Windows UI (non-nav) – but I’m not going to sit here and say that their software is amazing just because it’s free and it comes from them (Google). It doesn’t look like Google Talk, it doesn’t look like the Google Toolbar, it doesn’t look like Google SketchUp, it doesn’t look like Google Picasa… none of these freakin’ apps look like the other!!! I’d accept that from a startup company, but Google rakes in big bucks and can afford to spend some time on spit and polish. They’re not, and I find that beyond forgivable. I expect better from Google.

Google Search Results Link Crap

I don’t know how or why this is happening, but there must be some way to turn it off or stop it. Since moving to a new machine, I’ve discovered that all my searches through Google produce results that have crap surrounding the direct hyperlinks. For example, a search for the word “Chris” spits back familiar results – but each result link is prefixed with “http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=1&q=” and suffixed with “&e=9797” – which totally kills my ability to easily copy / paste the link elsewhere without first removing the surrounding text. Link crap! I tried clearing my cookies to no avail – I just can’t get Google to give me straight up hyperlinks in IE (though it works fine in Firefox). Anybody know how to take this pain away?

How to Handle Email Overload

I sent a quick message to Matt Cutts from Google a few minutes ago, asking him when Google might be updating their index to reflect my new site strucutre (since moving from BlogWare to WordPress a few weeks ago). I almost shot milk out of my nose when I received his autoresponse a minute later:

I’m on vacation until June 30th, and I *will delete all email* when I return. In case of an emergency, Carol Smith has my cell phone number. You may wish to send your request to Brian White or Amit Singhal, or you may want to resend your email after I return.

I suppose that’s one way to handle email overload? Okay, Matt – you’re going to delete my original message, but I’m sure this post will show up in your ego feed. Or, at least, it should show up.