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Domain Name Whois Registration Privacy

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Clint asks “Is it a good investment to block personal info from a whois lookup to see that I own the site. We tell our kids how dangerous it is to put personal info out there; does it apply to adults? My name, phone number and home address is out there for the world to see. What is safe to put out there? I just dont know what content to include, and what to omit.”

When I registered my first domain, there were no privacy or anonymity options available. Thankfully, back then I had enough of a privacy layer to protect myself. Having that layer is crucial.

For a business address (especially when you work from home), you should invest in a PO Box, or some type of mail pickup location. It doesn’t cost that much, and provides one layer of security between yourself and the outside world.

For a phone number, I recomend using a disposable number. By disposable, I mean one that is not tied to your home phone. I personally have my 888-pirillo number that I use through Vonage. It’s not tied to any physical phone, and when I want to open it up to take actual live calls, I can. This is another layer of that privacy.

By ‘whois lookup’, Clint is referring to someone finding out who or what a particular domain name is registered to. When you buy a domain name, you would need to enter the whois information. Using an email account set up for only this purpose, and having that separate address and phone number are both ways to protect yourself. Domain registration sites now offer extra protection by allowing you to keep most of your information private. It may cost a little more, but is certainly worth the extra expense.

Always keep yourself safe. You have to be careful when sharing any kind of information. Take the extra time and steps necessary to ensure your information and life are kept as private as you would like them to be.

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Free Or Cheap Web Hosting

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Sad to say, there really is no “free” hosting if you want to own your Web site. You can buy your own domain name and secure reliable hosting at very good prices, though. Our sponsor GoDaddy provides domain purchasing services, as well as helping you to obtain hosting.

In order to actually own your own Web site, you must do two things. First, you must buy your domain name. This is what the name of your site will be. For instance, lockergnome.com is the name of one of my sites. If you visit our live chat, you can now use the GoDaddy bot. Simply type an exclamation mark, and the name of the site you want. You will then be given a clickable link within the chat room that will take you right to GoDaddy’s checkout. There are other sites, of course, where you can purchase a domain name. What sites have you used – or do you use – to buy yours?

The second thing you have to do is to get Web hosting. There are many good companies out there to choose from, with excellent pricing. Since you can take your domain name with you wherever you go, the market is highly competitive for hosting services. Since I have several sites that attract a lot of people, I choose to go the route of buying my own servers. This is something to look into for high traffic sites, but not for an average user. One reliable and inexpensive hosting company that I’ve used in the past is Laughing Squid. Our friend Scott there does an excellent job with photography, as well.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your Web hosting company. What does it charge? Does it have good customer service? Would you recommend it to our other visitors?

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Microsoft Rewrote the "Rules" of Conference Sponsorship

Did you even notice?

Microsoft (as this year’s diamond sponsor) did not have any scheduled time on stage. By this action, they have set the bar incredibly high for conferences the world over. No longer need conference coordinators be pressured by pay-for-play politics – and no longer need top conference sponsors fall victim to the misconception that speaking time is implied.

Yahoo! and Ask’s direct involvement in the Gnomedex discussion was completely independent of their sponsorship commitment; Susan Mernit and Jeremy Zawodny were already on my “potentials” list, and the Bloglines team helped me prove that a vendor could remain neutral and help produce an open discussion (which even competing vendors and casual users enjoyed). MindJet was our live transcriptionist, a position that was greatly needed and appreciated. Even so, I can’t deny that these participants also work for companies who sponsored our event. We had countless sponsors (GoDaddy, AMD, WhatCounts, CacheNetworks, PRWeb, WaggEd, WeatherBug, WetPaint, TopTenSources, Snapstream, etc.) who enhanced Gnomedex through nothing more than their financial support. But a leading sponsor not receiving prime time in the content arena? UNHEARD OF… until now.

Microsoft is to be congratulated by this move – and applauded by all. Their name was there, their teams were listening. They will always be associated with Gnomedex 6.0 and its varied successes. They recognized that smart conferences cater to attendees through their support – not the other way around. Conferences that don’t pay attention to their users deserve to die – and the users who continue to support those conferences need to wake up and realize that they (the users themelves) are in control.

Microsoft, we can’t thank you enough – and I really hope that others realize just how important (and pivotal) this was. It was the smartest thing you could ever do for us, your community of technology enthusiasts. Sean Carver, Kevin Briody, John Porcaro, Jeff Sandquist, Sean Alexander, Aaron Coldiron, Joe Friend, and many others inside the company really “get it.” You have represented your company well – both at the conference and your EMP party, giving everyone memories to last a lifetime.

This is the type of respectful behavior users and influencers appreciate. This is the type of “good will” you generate when you don’t force yourselves onto a community. This is a warning shot across the bow of all other conferences: the rules just changed, and Microsoft changed them. This is bigger than Windows Vista and Microsoft Office combined.

bLaugh: The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere

I love to laugh – so now I’m preparing the world to bLaugh! Today, we’re launching the (un)Official comic of the blogosphere – colorful, satirical, and comical. Expect parodies of “A-List” bloggers all the way down to the meme of the day – no holds barred. Brad Fitzpatrick is bLaugh’s artist, and I’m the writer. The strip is exclusively sponsored by a single company, GoDaddy. We have a bLaugh feed for you to suck down – and we’ll rotate the daily comic image in a static URL to encourage deep-linking from anywhere (widgets, anyone?). Of course, all you ego-whores should be watching closely – because you’re likely the ones to be parodied on a regular basis. If you blog, or your name (brand) is getting tossed around in the blogosphere, you’re on our radar. That includes you, Hugh and Jacek (because we love everybody equally).