There are Just not Enough Hours in the Day

I swear, the days are nowhere near 24 hours long. It’s just not possible! I do my best to get to everything that needs done each day. Most of the time, I do a fairly decent job. Other days – fugeddaboudit! It just doesn’t happen. We are busy working on the Gnomedex conference – which is only about 9 weeks away! This year promises to be an excellent conference once again, and I’m looking forward to it! I hope you are, as well! If you aren’t registered yet, be sure to do so soon. You don’t want the tickets to sell out, and miss your shot at attending.

During the day, I not only do my work and check my email. As you know, I spend time surfing our community sites, and reading what everyone is posting. I love being able to see what all of you are up to, and your thoughts on current issues. It’s also fun to post some of my favorites on here to share with the rest of the crowd. If you aren’t reading what is being said – shame on you! And if you aren’t posting things of your own – double shame!

Social Media: Twitter Road Trip Interview

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I had the great fortune of sitting down with the guy from Twitter Road Trip recently. We had a great time, as you’ll see in the video, and covered many interesting topics. Even Wicket and Pixie got into things with us!

We discussed the live stream, and how everything came about. I kind of stumbled into that, just like I’ve always done with everything in my life online. We also talked about my Gnomedex conference, which has been around for nine years now. That’s longer than many people have been online – and longer than the term “social networking” has been around!

We then started talking about CNN. They approached me about doing something with them last year, after seeing the live stream. I do a three minute technology review each Thursday evening, and am now the Tech Consultant for them, as well!

You know we had to discuss Twitter, and the whole Ashton Kutcher trying to get to one million. He didn’t send as much flow as I thought he would have with as many followers as he has. Ashton linked to a video of mine, and I was shocked to find out that I didn’t get much flowback from that. I see people who have a large amount of followers, but have no flow like that. They don’t get clicks, or re-tweets. But with our community, they’re just crazy about sending things out, clicking on links I share, and re-tweeting things they find impressive or interesting.

This goes to show that it’s not about the number of followers you have. It has to do with your gravitational pull, so to speak. It has to do with how much weight you pull. I work very hard to make sure that what I say has relevance (for the most part), and that I post something that is valid and interesting that will add value to my Twitter stream… and to my follower’s streams, as well.

Twitter has opened up a whole new world of communication and social media. Yes, it’s true that many people use it simply to say silly things like “I just ate a grilled cheese!”. But there are literally thousands of people out there who are posting interesting, thought-provoking content. Make sure you aren’t missing out. Be aware of who is on Twitter, and what they’re posting. Subscribe to people who may be interesting to you. It’s all about how you are interacting.

Personally, I think that the number of followers and following should be removed. Privately, it would be interesting to have those stats. But I think the public elimination of it needs to happen. It’s a bad metric. Twitter isn’t about how many people are following you. It encourages marketers and spammers, for one thing. And for another… losing those stats in a public way would put more value on the actual content, instead of the numbers themselves.

Towards the end, we left conversation about Twitter behind, and circled back to talking about me. Oh the joys! He asked what I like doing when I’m off-camera, and the answer is hard to put into words. My interests change and involve constantly. It keeps life interesting! I’m a boring guy, really. I was never into a bar scene, nor into sports or concerts. I live online! I don’t need much to keep myself happy and entertained.

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How to Make Money Playing World of Warcraft: WoW!

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One of the live callers the other night is a professional World of Warcraft player. He and his team travel around the country playing in tournaments. In just one that they won first place, each team member won $5000.00!! I’m serious – five grand for winning a WoW tournament!

Since the team has no official name and are playing again at the upcoming BlizzCon, they wanted to know if they could name themselves after our Geeks site! Heck yeah they can!! Apparently the tournament will be broadcast live, with thousands of people watching.

Speaking of Geeks and WoW… we do have a group especially for WoW players and fanatics! There are 280 members of it at this point in time, and quite a lot of discussion, tips and tricks being shared in there. Be sure to stop by there if you’re a WoW player!

Good luck to you guys at Blizzcon. Sadly, I won’t be able to actually watch the tournament live, as it’s the same weekend as my Gnomedex convention. However, we’ll be pulling for you guys!

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Are There Extensions for Cell Phones in Your Home?

Ronni was a speaker at Gnomedex last year. She is one amazing lady, and a good friend. She has an excellent question, sent to me recently via email. Sadly, I don’t have the answer. However, I’m hoping one of you out there will know if there’s something like what she’s looking for.

Since you are my guru for all things technology or vaguely related, I’ve got a question for you:

I use a VoIP service for my home telephone. I have one base phone with two extensions so I don’t need to run the length of the apartment when someone calls. I also have a cell phone.

Cell reception is so good in my neighborhood, I don’t really need to be paying $300 a year for the VoIP service. But if I cancel it, I’m stuck with one cell phone and who knows where it might be when it rings. I have trouble remembering to stick it in my pocketbook when I leave the house, and I certainly wouldn’t remember to take it with to the bedroom at night or wherever else in the house I’m going to be for awhile. Plus, I don’t see the point of having two telephone numbers these days.

So here’s what I’m wondering:

Is there such a thing as an internal network for cell phones that combines with normal extension handsets? Maybe a box of some sort connected through the landline jacks that most homes have already installed? I can’t imagine that this doesn’t exist, and it would be particularly useful for women whose clothes don’t often have pockets like men’s clothing, so it’s not easy to keep a cell phone with you all the time.

Or maybe there’s another solution…

Perhaps you’ve addressed something like this in one of your videos that I’ve missed, or maybe you could do so if you haven’t.

I hope you and Ponzi are well,

Come on Geeks. Ronni is right… there has to be something out there that can help her. What have you come across that may fit the bill?

Tara Hunt and Larry Halff – Ma.gnolia

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Larry Halff is a San Francisco-based web entrepreneur and founder of the social bookmarking site, and traveller and foodie with a passion for creating ways for technology to bring out the best in people.

Celebrated as Marketing 2.0, Tara Hunt has worked in a plethora of industries, from non-profit to consumer beverages to technology for over the past 7 years, winning awards and seeing many successes with her creative, community focused campaigns. She is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on the subject of marketing and community building, including Mesh, the Future of Web Apps and the upcoming ETech and Web 2.0 Expo.

Tara also practices what she preaches and is a community-based movement evangelist, spending all of her free time on Pinko Marketing, Barcamp, Coworking and Winecamp. She is also a supporter of the Open Source movement, the EFF and the Creative Commons.

Larry Halff and Tara Hunt will be discussing how Ma.gnolia has implemented many of the tools of the open web such as OpenID, OAuth and Microformats and will also be unveiling Ma.gnolia 2, the next evolution of Ma.gnolia and a building block of the open web.

Even the best search engines can’t always be sure of what you want to find in the thousands of pages it finds on every search. And with so many pages, searching has been getting tough. Websites can be misleading about how good they are or what content they really hold. But we can’t blame the poor search engine for this. It’s just software. But what if a person could look at every page on the internet and make sure it showed up only in the right searches? Sounds nice, but wouldn’t we all have to pay hundreds of dollars a month just to search?

But that’s exactly what Ma.gnolia does. At Ma.gnolia, members save websites as bookmarks, just like in their browser. Except with a twist: they also “tag” them, assigning labels that make them easy to find again. So when you search for something, you use words that people choose and look only at websites that people think are worth saving. Suddenly you have access to a human-organized bookmark collection that numbers in the millions, but is as easy to use as a search engine.

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