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Getting New Glasses

Right now, my face is so close to the LCD screen, I can see blues and reds of the sub-pixel font rendering. Why would I be doing such a thing? No, I’m not testing the boundaries of ClearType – I just had my eyes dialated at a long-overdue optometrist appointment. It’s time to get new glasses!

Ponzi has yet to master the art of subtlety, having handed me a “Market Optical” gift certificate for my birthday a few weeks ago. That’s her way of saying I need to update my look to help her avoid further social embarassment. She had done her homework, too – selecting a style-heavy outlet through which I might find new specs.

I flipped on a thick, black rim frame as soon as I saw it – but the covered up my eyebrows (which is a bad thing, apparently). I’ve always been most comfortable in mid-sized, rounded frames – but few of those were to be found on the shelves. It didn’t take too long to find the perfect fit. You’ll see it for first time when I get them in another week or so.