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I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends

Do you remember that song? If you’re as old as I am, then I know you’re singing it in your head now, simply from reading the title. It’s true, you know. We ‘get by’ with the help of our friends. Sometimes, they may not even realize they are helping us, yet they do – simply by being there. Life is full of unexpected surprises, both good and bad. We can’t always be superman (woman!) and just handle everything on our own.

It’s ok to reach out to someone when you’re hurting/mad/confused/pissed off. It’s ok to need someone to talk to. It’s ok to need your friends! After all, they need you, too!

So why am I writing about this, anyway? It’s not some deep thought, nor a cry for help, I promise! I just happened to hear the song on the radio a bit earlier, and it made me remember how thankful I am to have such an awesome circle of friends surrounding me. I hope that you have that in your lives, as well!

One great way to make new friends is to reach out to like-minded people on social networking sites, like both Lockergnome and Geeks. Search through titles of posts and read things that interest you. Here, let me make it easy on you!

Geeks can Dance!

Different types of dance seemed to be a common theme today when I was browsing around on both Lockergnome and Geeks. We had blog titles with the words Jitterbug, Rhumba and Cha-Cha in them! Don’t tell me Geeks can’t get their groove on! I happen to know for a fact that while I myself cannot dance, many of you can! My friend Andy, for instance, is an accomplished Swing and Ballroom dancer… and he’s a hard-core coder! How do you like those apples?

Can you dance? Do you just shake it in time to the music, or can you do fancy steps with difficult names? Do you step on your partner’s feet, or are you a regular Fred Astaire (or Ginger Rogers!)? Let’s hear it… we promise not to laugh!

What’s Your Favorite Commercial?

With all the talk of the new Miscrosoft commercials in Europe and the Pre wanting to co-exist with the iPhone, I can’t help but thinking about commercials in general. What’s your favorite technology-related commercial on television? You do remember what TV is, right? Do you love that annoying (yet catchy) Comcast song? Or are you more inclined to watch the Dell laptop commercials over and over? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Do you Network Socially Too Much?

I was reading a thread on Geeks this afternoon, and it got me to thinking. There are so many different types of social networking sites out there these days. If you’re like me, you belong to them all. Do you log in to them all? Do you update them all? Heck, do you even read them all? How do you know when enough is enough? Where do you draw the line? How much is TOO much?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Geek Violence

This guest blog post was written by the geek known as “kpsince1953.”

I don’t think it would be outrageous to suggest that most Geeks are friendly passive creatures who would never dream of committing a savage, violent act. This made me think of the violence in the world and how it affects Geeks and even the part we play in local and global acts of violence.

The individuals who design weapons of war could most likely be described as Geeks. Not because Geeks have any violent intent, but rather though there interests and knowledge of technology. What I’m trying to say is the type of person who succeeds in the world of weapons development most likely has a personal interest in the field of technology and the communities that follow its progression. Therefore, s/he could most likely be described as a Geek.

I feel the Geeks connection to violence extends further. It’s no secret that technological progression has a lot to do with space travel and perhaps even more so, the military. Therefore, a lot of modern technology is a product of violent intentions, and which stereotype uses technology more than any other? Geeks.

I have come to the conclusion that Geeks – possibly the most passive and gentle of all people – are directly involved and largely responsible for all the major wars of our time. I understand this is a sensationalist claim. But I believe my reasoning is sound. As a proud Geek myself I wanted to delve further into this ironic turn of events. In doing so I came to a second more important conclusion. The same category of individual who would be contracted to design a weapon would also be suitable to design a wheel chair, or prosthetic limb. I would even be willing to bet on that it will be a Geek who will cure cancer.

My final conclusion is simple. I believe that the Geeks influence on the modern world is immeasurable. Geeks have provided the tools to perform the worst and best acts in human history. However, while Geeks may be the ones providing the tools to commit these acts, they themselves are controlled by other men and governments who decide how those tools are to be used.

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’m willing to bet that old song is now stuck in your head. If you’re too young to know and remember the song – well, you just missed out. Look it up on YouTube, and immerse yourself!

What are your favorite “things”? You cannot list people, as they aren’t things. We all know your family, friends and loved ones come first… that’s a given! I’m talking about honest-to-goodness things. Is your cell phone the best thing you own? What about your iPod, or maybe even your dual monitors? Heck, maybe your favorite things aren’t even tech-related. That’s ok, as well! I’m curious to see what everyone will list as being their favorite thing.

We’re so wrapped up with using our gadgets and gizmos that we sometimes forget all about human connections. We forget to take the time to really talk to others, and get to know them. Why not spend some time today checking out what the people around you are talking about? Go ahead – join their conversations!

The Go-To Guy

Even those of us who are power users or experts with technology need help sometimes. None of us can possibly know everything there is to know. Who do you go to when you get stuck and need an answer, or an extra set of eyes? Who can you call up to pick their brains, hopefully helping to solve your problem? I’m lucky to have a good network of friends that I know I can turn to, depending on what the problem is I’m facing. Being a Geek (and a guy!) – I admit I have a hard time reaching out and asking for help. I tend to research and fiddle, trying to fix whatever it is myself. But sometimes, you just have to wave that white flag and say “Help me!!”. So – who can you count on to give you those answers? Have you ever thanked them for taking the time out of their day to patiently help you? Make sure you do!

So much is going on around here right now. Gnomedex is only a week away, and the team is all very excited. We have an excellent lineup of presenters this year, many fun and exciting things going on in the hallways and in the evenings. I know we’re going to have a fabulous time – but not without a few more days of all of us running around like crazy. To all my volunteers and helpers… bless you, every one. No way would this ever be happening without you all!

Even amidst the hectic days right now, I still make time to check up on all of you. I love reading what you’re up to and what’s on your minds. I hope you make time in your day to do the same.

The Winds of Change

Someone started a discussion the other day on Geeks, asking others if they felt the site has changed too much. The OP was griping about how not every single discussion and blog post was technology-related, and how dare a group of Geeks talk about anything else?! Kat replied, reminding everyone that when we first began the site, we stated from the get-go that it wasn’t only designed for Technology Geeks. A Geek is someone who has passion for something, whether it be technology, gardening, singing or even motorcycles. Therefore, Geeks is a place for anyone and everyone who has some type of passion. How, then, has it “changed”? People are talking about what’s on their minds, and in their hearts. They’re making use of the site the way I intended it. If some people want more tech-related threads, then they will hopefully start them.

I couldn’t help but add something to that discussion myself. Someone pointed out how they don’t like the fact that not every video I record is related to technology. What a sad day it would be if there was nothing more to me than the tech side. Being multi-faceted is one of the best parts of being human. We have many varied interests, passions and thoughts. If we were one-dimensional, the World would pretty much suck.

Personally, I’m quite happy that I’m making changes in my life. I’m opening myself up to new experiences, and having a great time. I’m allowing my mind to go in directions I hadn’t before. Since when is that a bad thing? Why is it I am being judged for broadening my horizons? If you are the same person you were a year ago, I feel sorry for you. Life is about growing and changing, even once you’re an adult.

That thread wasn’t the only thing worth spending time getting involved in around our community today. So many of you are showing your creative, funny and passionate sides with every post and thread you make. Keep them coming!

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth

There’s an old saying in the Bible or some book that I don’t even remember for sure. It says “And the Geeks shall inherit the Earth”. A friend of mine argued with me the other night, claiming that it’s supposed to be the meek shall inherit the Earth. I beg to differ. I know what it says, thank you very much. We all know it’s pure fact that Geeks are taking over the World, and that we will one day rule inherit the World. Why haven’t you given in and joined us yet? You know you’re going to have to!

Seriously, being a Geek is an amazing thing. Geeks are not just computer guru’s, you know. A Geek is anyone who is passionate about something, whether it’s computers, motorcycles, or even gardening. Using this definition, it’s easier to imagine Geeks one day making a huge difference in this World of ours. What am I saying? We already have. Look at some of the strides in medicine, technology and science in just the past few years. There are an astounding number of new inventions, cures and gadgets on a daily basis.

If you could change the World somehow, make an impact so to speak, what would it be? Just imagine for a few moments that you have the brains/money/power to change any one thing. What would you do?

While you’re contemplating, make sure you take the time to check out what others are up to in our community!

Are You a Social Media Sweetheart?

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When I first met Traci, I quickly recognized that she takes the time to respond to most (if not all) comments made to her on Twitter, YouTube, her blog, and even in Geeks! This is someone who understands community, and what it takes to make it grow.

In order to have a community, you have to reciprocate and participate. You cannot simply sit there and be elusive. You cannot expect your community to grow itself. You have to nurture it, be a part of it – smack dab in the middle of it. Traci is doing that with her own community, and it shows.

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