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Homefront for Xbox 360 Review

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Brandon is a writer over on Lockergnome and has helped our community behind the scenes in many ways. He also just happens to be an avid gamer, so decided to create a video for us with his review of the new Homefront multi-player game. This title is available for XBOX 360, Playstation and Windows computers.

Some may say that this is THQ’s answer to Call of Duty or Battlefield, Brandon feels it plays more like the old Dynamix Tribes 2. Homefront’s most popular game mode – Ground Control – pits two teams of sixteen against each other. These are domination-style matches. The longer you hold control points, the more game points your team will receive.

Ideally, teams will communicate with each other and break into small groups. More likely, snipers kill a few people and unlock a vehicle. They then devastate a lot of people, unlock a helicopter and win a round. The best two out of three rounds wins.

The levels are large, open and have lots of places for cover. There are very few places for close-combat scenarios. For the most part, that’s only useful during the first few seconds of a round. The leveling system is different than Call of Duty’s leveling system. This game has weapons which get better as you advance.

In truth, Homefront is more like HALO with modern-day weapons. The game is less about the first person shooter aspect and a lot more about the vehicle aspect. Battle points allow you to unlock vehicles, and the team who unlocks the most vehicles tend to win.

Homefront is a faster-paced game than Call of Duty. There’s no camping and nowhere to really hide. With no building and cover, you’re forced to run, shoot at someone, hide behind a rock for a second and then run again.

  • Take the battle online, experiencing large scale multiplayer action like never before in epic infantry and vehicle warfare.
  • Discover a terrifyingly plausible near-future world in which the familiar has become alien in this nightmare vision of Occupied USA.
  • Fight for a cause joining a cast of memorable characters as your resistance cell wages a guerrilla war against overwhelming military odds in the name of Freedom.
  • Witness the human cost of war in a gripping story from the pen of John Milius is told through immersive, interactive 1st person cut scenes.
  • Experience explosive FPS gameplay as you battle through a dynamic mix of infantry and vehicle combat in a gripping single player campaign boasting intense, memorable set pieces.

Due to the faster pace, Brandon feels there’s not as much adrenaline. Since you tend to not live as long, your life doesn’t feel as valuable. There’s not much incentive to staying alive during the game. You come back to life a few seconds later and continue on. The only thing you lose is a few battle points. Battle points accrue whether you live or die. You can actually earn them faster by running into the fray, tossing grenade spam, dying and coming back to life.

The graphics of Homefront aren’t quite as good as they should be. The characters look sort of HALO-ish without much personality. They don’t vary from level to level. You don’t feel as though you’re in a virtual world.

Overall, Brandon feels Homefront is okay. He definitely doesn’t feel that it is worth sixty bucks. Have you played Homefront yet? What has your experience been like?

Nick Chase: A Detective Story Game Review and Discount

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Matthew was lucky enough to receive a copy of the new game Nick Chase: A Detective Story to review for us.

Nick Chase, a hard-boiled Private Investigator, is in need of a job. Lucky for him, one arrives from a man known only as The Collector. Solve a variety of puzzles and find hidden clues to uncover the mystery behind the missing manuscript penned by Leonardo Di Vinci. Explore gorgeous hand drawn scenes with a gritty film noir style in this one of a kind Adventure game where everyone is a suspect!

Until November 20th, 2010 at midnight you can buy this game for yourself for only $2.49 instead of the normal $9.99 using coupon code NICK249.

Thanks, Matt, for this excellent screencast look at a fun new game!

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Crackdown 2 on Xbox 360 Review

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Crackdown 2 is about to hit the stores and we were lucky enough to get a review copy early. Community member (and professional DJ) Dan Guru-Meditation Wood was kind enough to play the game for a while and then create a video review for all of us to enjoy.

The story for the game takes place in Pacific City which is filled with infected humans who attempt to kill anything that gets in their way. You alone have to attempt to save the city from certain doom. According to Dan, the disaster is of epic proportions, much like that found in I Am Legend and 28 Days.

Crackdown was one of the original titles released with the Xbox back in 2007. This game takes place some ten years later. The freaks have escaped from the research center they were contained in during the original release. The virus is now starting to spread through the city and affect the general population.

You join the game as the Agency goes back online and is trying to regain control over the city. Your character is one of the first agents who is back on the streets of Pacific City. There’s an interesting three-way power struggle within the game. Not only are you out to kill nearly anything that moves, you also have to dodge those who are after you and your blood.

The more Agility Orbs you collect throughout the game, the more your skill improves. Chasing them around as they fly through the air can be challenging, but the reward is very worth your effort. More kills mean more strength. The game rewards the player for doing things. THe more you do, the more your skill improves.

The game isn’t only about walking around and shooting people. You are trying to regain control of the city, remember? There will be a series of challenges you’ll have to complete.

This game has pretty much everything you could ask for: a great storyline, challenges and skill-ups, racing elements, third-person-shooter elements, awesome weapons and more!

By the way… according to about 80% of the commenters on YouTube, Dan has an amazing voice and should start a Lockergnome radio station. What do you think of that idea?

Are you a game reviewer, too? Can you produce high quality reviews for the Lockergnome Network? Let us know! Email my assistant and Community Manager Kat for details.

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Chronicles of Riddick Game Review

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My friend Michelle has done a few game reviews for us lately. She’s a gamer, and I am not! I figured it would be much better for all of you to get an idea what these games are really like from someone who knows what they are doing – and who loves to play. This time, Michelle is taking on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for the Xbox.

The graphics on this game are just amazing. I couldn’t get over how clear and awesome they are. This game is an FPS, with a theme involved. It’s based on the Riddick series, if you’ve seen the movies. You’re playing Riddick, and you can turn on various features to add to your game play.

In the dark corners of outer space, the predatory Merc-ship Dark Athena bides its time, waiting for its prey. But the ship’s merciless crew has little idea what they’re up against in the rugged and ruthless man known as Riddick. Get ready for a journey into an intense and dangerous science fiction world as you assume the role of this enigmatic antihero, relying on your stealth, speed and strategy to overcome the Dark Athena crew and do your best to cheat death.

Assume the role of the enigmatic antihero Riddick, played in the films by Vin Diesel, as you attempt to overcome the crew of the Merc-ship Dark Athena. Employ multiple forms of combat, including both ranged and melee, complete with counterattacks and stealth kills. Shoot your way through Riddick’s world, depicted with Hollywood-quality cinematic intensity. Share the horror with friends in new multiplayer and online options, available for the first time in the Riddick franchise.

Michelle claims she’s not normally “in to” FPS games, and that she’s not very good at them. However, she likes this game more than others she’s played. Instead of running around looking for bad guys to shoot at, you wait in the dark for one to come by. You then take them on, one-on-one.

One of the cool things with this game is that you can grab the body of the person you just killed, and drag it somewhere to hide. That way, when new bad guys come along, they won’t be alerted to your presence. That, in my opinion, makes the game a level above others of its type.

Michelle also notes that interaction within the game World is astounding. For instance, if you’re backing up and you run into a doorway, the character reacts appropriately – with the arm moving to show the contact with the doorway.

Michelle was lucky to meet Vin Diesel a few years ago, and states he is shorter than you would guess from the movies… but that he was a great guy. That meeting, and her love of the Riddick series itself, is why she has quickly gotten into this game. The graphics and the game itself kept her in it.

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