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Last Minute Mother's Day Flowers

If you’re like me, you have a birth mother. Now some people’s proper mothers may not be their birth mothers, but that doesn’t make the mother (or mothers) who raised you any less motherly. Americans celebrate having a mother on the second Sunday in May. This weekend is approaching fast, so you’d better have your duckies in a row if you intend on keeping Mom happy. If you were borne of something other than a mother, then… you don’t have to worry about Mother’s Day at all.

Splash of Color

Ponzi ordered our respective mothers flowers through FlowersFast earlier this week. They’ve always been good for us, largely because we know and trust the owner. There are a zillion places to order flowers online, but should we children stop there? What else might a mom want for Mother’s Day? Is it too late to sneak something into her gift arrangement? My mom would rather receive flower seeds that she could plant on her own, rather than stemmed anythings that will likely wither and die wtihin a matter of days. Beyond that, I’m a horrible judge of what people might want for a holiday present (I think we’d all like to forget the nasty “Virus of the Month Club” incident of ’97).

Since I rely on Outlook 2007’s relatively craptacular spam filter, I’ve seen more than my fair share of Mother’s Day spam – with most of these advertisements reminding me to order flowers before it’s too late. Here’s your reminder: do it now. If I were you, I’d look for a good flower coupon before clicking the “Buy Now’ button. I should talk to Bob and ask him if we could score a special flower discount code for y’all, eh?

Mother’s Day Flowers Coupons: