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Are Flight Attendants Making Your Life Easier?

How many posts have you seen in recent months which discuss the exorbitant fees most airlines charge for pretty much everything? How often have you yourself ranted over the cost of checked baggage or a simple glass of wine in-flight? Unfortunately, many of you out there take your frustrations out on the wrong people – the flight attendants. These people are just doing their job, y’all. They don’t set the prices. They aren’t responsible for the raping of your credit card. They didn’t do it… but some of them are trying to help you out a little.

One frequent flier, CNBC’s John Carney, was pleasantly surprised during a recent trip. He ordered himself a ten-dollar chicken sandwich. The flight attendant serving him apologized for the outlandish price of the food and offered him a free beer to wash it down. The attendant later produced another complimentary brew. Keeping the airline’s identity a secret, he happily witnessed what he is calling a “quiet mutiny.”

Another passenger in the aisle ordered a bottle of wine. The attendant refused to take the woman’s money, claiming that the airline gives out free wine on birthdays – and proceeded to loudly say “Happy Birthday!” (It is unclear whether this woman was even celebrating a birthday that day.) Carney watched in awe as the attendants continued to give out free items to people all throughout the plane.

This was, of course, only one flight. One can’t help but wonder if this is happening on other trips, as well. Are attendants just as fed up as we are by the horrible pricing that these airlines are charging us in order to try and make some money? Are they perhaps – rightly so – sick of being the ones verbally abused for said pricing? Is this their way of giving back and attempting to make life a little easier for all of us?

If you’ve been on a flight recently and seen something similar to this, let us hear from you in the comments. Please do not post the name of the airline. We don’t want any of these wonderful flight attendants getting in trouble.

Flight Attendant Saves the Day

Flight attendant Patti DeLuna was the hero of the day for the 225 people aboard a recent American Airlines flight into Chicago. When the co-pilot became seriously ill with “flu-like” symptoms, the pilot asked those aboard the aircraft if any happened to have a commercial pilot’s license. Patti smiled and proceeded to the cockpit, where she quipped “where are the brakes?” It just so happens that Ms. DeLuna is a licensed commercial pilot.

After the plane had landed, the first officer was taken to a local Chicago hospital in an ambulance waiting on the tarmac. He was treated and later released. Patti, meanwhile, is touted as a hero to those aboard the flight. “I was the best available [backup pilot] they had on the plane,” DeLuna told the Chicago Tribune. “I spent a lot of time in the cockpit looking at the flight deck and asking questions.”

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