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Roy’s Fish Sampler

Roy's Fish Sampler

During my trip to Hawaii recently, we visited Original Roys. In this picture, you can see Bruce getting ready to chow down on the Fish Sampler. The sampler includes: Hibachi Grilled Salmon, Roy’s Original Blackened Island Ahi and Hawaiian-Style Misoyaki Butterfish.

Absolutely delicious, trust me. The food, the wine, the atmosphere… this is definitely a place I’ll be visiting again on my next trip to the Islands.

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Desktop Aquarium

One of my all-time favorite desktop aquarium screen toys has been updated again. “Aquazone Seven Seas Deluxe” – you’ve probably used earlier versions of it on your own desktop, as it works in both Windows and OS X. This virtul aquarium now has 40 different species of photo-realistic fresh and saltwater fish, turtles, sharks, and jellyfish. Plus, you can now “tap on the glass” and “sprinkle in fish food” – making an already-fun desktop aquarium even more fun (and less messy than the real thing). It’s even better for me now, as I have a widescreen monitor to the right of my primary screen – connected to another machine, which now runs the aquarium in the foreground. I’ve got it set to follow a shark around the screen right now – but can change it to a tank full of clown fish in an instant. What’s more, they’re currently running a special $5 discount if you use the code ‘NewYear2006’ in the order form. This is the only way I could ever own fish – digital fish in a virtual fish tank.