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Hype Aside, Most of Us Are Not Checking In

Despite all of the hype surrounding various check-in services, most of us are not bothering with any of them. Companies such as Google, Foursquare, Gowalla, Shopkick and the almighty Facebook all offer services which let you report your physical location online. This allows you to connect with friends on the fly or receive some pretty rad coupons and discounts when visiting a business. A recent study shows, though, that only about four percent of Americans have tried location-based services, and a mere one percent use them weekly.

“Ever since mobile phones and location technology got started, there have been conversations about the potential for doing something really incredible with this for marketers,” said Melissa Parrish, an interactive marketing analyst at Forrester. “But clearly the question is whether it has reached the mainstream, and it looks like the answer is no.”

Many businesses offer free drinks or discounts on goods when you check in there. Heck, you can receive even better goodies if you become the mayor of many of those same establishments. While this appears to be a great marketing ploy, there is a serious flaw in the equation if no one is using those services.

Twitter has over 145 million users. Foursquare has about three million subscribers. Loopt boasts four million fanatics. However, only about a quarter of them are active. The potential is out there to turn location-based checkins into a marketing guru’s dream. Despite VCs pouring more than $115 million into the mix over the past year, we just aren’t quite there yet.

What Would You Tell the World in Ten Minutes?

Imagine if you will that every person on the planet had to listen to you for ten minutes straight. No one could interrupt you and they all had to give you their full attention. Your mind is likely already racing with thoughts of everything you find to be important – all of the things you think the world needs to hear. But do you really have anything to say that everyone else would want to hear?

SJP asked on Lockergnome what it was YOU would say if the humans inhabiting the third rock from the Sun were to actually listen. It’s an interesting question, to be sure – and not one I can easily answer. There are many things that quickly come to mind, and nearly all of them are dismissed as fast as they appear. I know I wouldn’t spout off about religion or politics. We get enough of that already. I would not waste my breath talking about how social media can and should be used. That’s been done to death already. Why bother bringing up world peace, ending hunger or putting a stop to homelessness? We are already discussing those things all over our community.

So what is it I would talk about? It’s simple, my dear friends. I would talk about YOU and the amazing things each of you are doing every day to make this world a better place. What would you want to say during your ten minutes?

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