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How to Charge Your Mobile Device

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Yes, I happen to record videos while driving. I keep two hands on the wheel and four eyes on the road at all times, thank you very much! I begin recording while stopped and end the video while again stopped. I simply edit out the parts before and after. It’s not unsafe as some of you are claiming, and I tend to have some decent thoughts while driving. Why not take that opportunity to create something I can share with all of you?

A community member recently asked when the best time is to charge a mobile phone. The best time to charge is when the battery is about as close to zero as humanly possible. You don’t want to keep the device tethered if it runs on batteries. That can be cause more drain than necessary.

I like to intentionally run my battery down to near death about once per week and then charge it fully. I always leave it plugged in at least a half an hour past the time the phone claims it’s at 100%.

I have learned that if I don’t charge my phone every night, I will be disappointed the next day. I have a cord plugged into the wall next to my bed. The iPhone sits on my nightstand and charges overnight, leaving it ready to go every morning when I wake up.

There are a lot of great battery charging or extending devices on the market. I’ve done several reviews on external batteries for the iPhone, and have given you a ton of options. You’ll find that the Richard|Solo option will make you very happy. You can also check out the Lenmar External Battery or the PowerBlock Reserve from our friends at Griffin.

How and when do you charge your mobile device?

What is the Best Charging Device?

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone started telling you how their device was so much better than yours? They have the “best there is,” you know. It’s exceedingly annoying to me to hear those words out of anyone’s mouth. Guess what? There IS NO “best device.” The best is simply defined as what works the best for you.

When was the last time you needed to do something with your device only to find out it was out of power? You can be spec’d to the max, but it doesn’t do much good if the machine refuses to turn on. Your portable devices need go-go juice. And when it comes to helping give your gadgets that sweet nectar, I’ve found what I feel is the best.

USB battery packs are necessary for almost all portable devices. Most devices, like iPhone and Android cell phones, can’t make it through a normal day without reconnecting to power. The i.Sound Portable Power Max is a USB battery pack designed to solve this power limitation. In addition to powering standard devices, the i.Sound Portable Power Max has the 5W charging power required to keep your iPad charged should you find the 10-hour iPad battery life to be too short for your needs. In fact, the i.Sound Portable Power Max Promises 30 additional hours of battery life for the Apple iPad, assuming you aren’t recharging any other devices at the same time.

There are a total of five powered USB ports, which allow you to charge up to five separate devices simultaneously. This little number can charge your iPhone, an iPad, the iPod touch, a Blackberry, a Droid – and – you get the picture. The little LED indicators will let you know how much charge is left on the battery. You can even pick your favorite color – if your favorite happens to be black or silver. What do you know… I prefer all of my devices and gadgets to be black or silver! This was definitely a match made in Heaven.

Yes, the size is a bit cumbersome. You likely won’t want to throw this into your pants pocket. However, it fits nicely in a laptop bag, briefcase or purse. Use it to charge all of your devices overnight or keep it handy during the daytime for those times when your phone just doesn’t have enough juice to get through your hard day.

Don’t let yourself get caught short. Keep some type of external battery or charging device with you at all times.

How Do You Recharge Your Device Batteries?

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The worst-named product in gadget history also happens to be the most awesome ever. You use devices all day long which run on battery. What happens when you run out of batteries? Why not use a 5000mAh Battery Charger? It will quickly and easily charge just about anything you can think of.

Yes, the name is horrible. But this is an awesome product. I use it. I was shocked a few days ago. I needed to use my iPhone and ran out of battery. I plugged this in and used it for more than twenty-four hours while connected to this device.

I don’t think you’ll find another external battery that connects via USB. 5000MaH is a LOT. It can charge any number of devices, making sure you are connected all the time.

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