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The Reasons I Chose Rackspace for Hosting

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In the years I’ve been online, I’ve had a few email hosts (that is, I have my email services hosted apart from my Web servers). When I was looking to start working in an Exchange environment, I asked for recommendations from friends. The choices were either affordable or stable… and I wanted both. It’s the reason I ended up with with Rackspace for managed Exchange hosting (and thanks to Greg for walking us through the process).

Rackspace is renowned for their support. Their logo says right on it “Fanatical Support is the Difference”. They aren’t kidding. The support we’ve gotten from them since switching has been phenominal. Every support ticket we’ve had to open on their website has been quickly and professionally answered. In one instance, I needed help setting up the Exchange on my Windows machine. I called in, and the tech on the phone was so friendly. He connected to my machine and set it up while talking to me. I was able to watch him, so that I will be able to set it up myself in the future if need be. Their support is the #1 reason I recommend Rackspace.

My second reason is the price. For the level of service and support you are receiving, you can’t beat the cost. There is a 5 account minimum, and it runs about $15.00 per account. Since the email storage was just bumped up to 1GB per account, that made the price that much more economical.

Reason #3 is the name. Rackspace is a well known company, with an excellent reputation. I know they aren’t going to disappear on me next week. Sure, JoeSchmoe Hosting may be cheaper, but who’s heard of them? How long will they be able to stick it out?

The guaranteed uptime is reason four that I recommend Rackspace. “100% Network Uptime Isn’t Wishful Thinking, It’s A Guaranteed Reality”… that’s their guarantee. 100% uptime? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Finally, my last (but NOT least) reason for recommending Rackspace is that they are willing and able to expand with my needs. As our company grows, I needed to make sure that my provider can grow with me. They have excellent options and packages, and everything is customizable.

For anyone looking for web hosting service, Email Exchange environments, or even Database services… Rackspace gets my stamp of approval.

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