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How Much is Electricity Costing You?

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Elektronova is a company that presented at Live Pitch 2008 in Seattle recently. Elektronova is dedicated to helping consumers monitor their electrical consumption. This will not only allow people to save money. It will also help promote a more energy-efficient lifestyle.


  • Business Category: Tech Startup
  • Founder: Lawrence Winnerman and Kaley Davis
  • Inspiration for Product/Service: We were interested in the renewable energy space, but quickly realized that the first step… consumption awareness and reduction… is something that there is virtually no information on. The idea for Elektronova quickly followed out of that core realization.
  • Target Customer/Audience: Everyone who uses electricity, and is interested in saving money by reducing their electricity consumption.
  • Synopsis of Product / Service: We are creating small, networked devices that plug in between any electrical appliance and the wall socket. The data is aggregated by a master unit, and sent to our servers. Consumers can then view their electricity consumption, set reduction goals, and view tips and tricks on how to save both energy and money.
  • Main Company Contact: Lawrence Winnerman

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