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What are the Best Electronic Kits to Buy?

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I was walking through Radio Shack the other day and came across the section of the store where they had these Snap-Kits. They’re basically rudimentary electronic kits. If you have a kid or someone who likes electronic kits, this is for you.

Learn about electronics by building a “space battle” sound generator with this fun Snap Circuits kit. The included electronic blocks snap onto a clear plastic base grid to build different circuits. The blocks have different colors and numbers making it easy to identify and put your snap circuits together with ease.

There are plastic and metal parts that aren’t really an Erector set, and not really like a LEGO kit. It’s an all-in-one kit. Each kit comes with various components, and I can create any of three different configurations.

There’s so many different things I can do with it – including making awesome noises that drive my dogs insane. These kits are relatively fun, and affordable!

If you want to educate yourself – or your child – on the basics of circuitry, this is an excellent idea!

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Electricity: Restored!

Ponzi and I finally have electricity again! We’ve been dark since 1:30AM on Friday – nearly three and a half days ago. It wasn’t quite like Gilligan’s Island for us- since we had running water and natural gas (with a few gas-powered fireplaces to boot). We had enough food to see us through the crisis, and we wound up cooking meals for friends and family who weren’t fortunate enough to have working appliances. Still, living without power was not fun – and there are still hundreds of thousands of families in the Pacific Northwest who still need help. We’re sheltering a couple of friends tonight, as we have space, heat, food, and water (all luxuries). I’ll never take advantage of a light bulb again!