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Do I Get My Money Back?

Today was Good Friday for those of you who celebrate it. It’s a time to remember the death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection. It’s also a time of preparing to hide colored eggs for kids and of putting together Easter baskets full of goodies they don’t really need. The Easter Bunny will show up at some point this weekend, and children everywhere will be loaded up on sugar within an hour. Parents will frantically attempt to get them cleaned up for church services and dinners. Today — Good Friday — is supposed to be a holiday. It’s touted as a day of celebration. Why, then, was my day only mediocre? Why wasn’t it good?

I couldn’t help but wonder fleetingly if I can have my money back on today — or at least a do-over. It wasn’t great, and it wasn’t particularly good. It was just a normal run-of-the-mill day for me. I then realized that life is pretty much comprised of those okay days, instead of the fantastic variety. We’re lucky to have a few really awesome days sprinkled in with the normality of life, you know?

It’s not a bad thing to have your life made up of days that simply are. I’d be pretty suspicious of anyone who claimed that every day was “super” or “great” or even “zippy!” Even if you love your family, friends and job — not every day is going to be a perfect one. We could be late to work or a meeting. Traffic might be backed up on the freeway. The weather could be not doing what we want it to do. A million little things intrude upon our lives to make us angry or frustrated. We then turn around and say “Well, today sure went to hell pretty quickly.” This tends to be even more true when someone in our work or home circle annoys us. One person saying one little thing can turn a good day into a pretty crappy one, right?

The question is, what should you do about those less-than-stellar days you know you’re going to have? Whining about them doesn’t help. Getting angry won’t fix anything. There is no refund, despite what I had hoped. All we can do is make the best of it. Figure out why your day isn’t going the way you’d like and do something about it. Cut negativity out of your life. Look at the beautiful clouds or rainbow on rainy days instead of begging for sunshine. Apologize for being late and offer to stay over or do something extra to make up for it. Treat yourself to something nice, even if it’s just a little thing. Any number of things can improve your disposition – and your entire day.

There’s no such thing as a bad day… there’s only our perception of one. Change your day. No one but you can choose whether you’re having an okay day or a great one.


I’m not a huge fan of marshmallow Peeps. As such, I decided to find a way to put 10 of them out of their misery:

You wanna know the spookiest part of it all? I only used one Peeps in this production. It was THAT f*cking resilient.

If you would like to remix these scenes for your own video, please be my guest:

  1. Peeps Death by Car
  2. Peeps Death by Door
  3. Peeps Death by Grater
  4. Peeps Death by Pounding
  5. Peeps Death by Toilet
  6. Peeps Death by Chew
  7. Peeps Death by Fire
  8. Peeps Death by Microwave
  9. Peeps Death by Press
  10. Peeps Death by Water

Just be sure to give attribution where it’s due.

Have You Ever Had Ostrich?

Have You Ever Had Ostrich?

Imei cooked an Easter meal with ostrich on the plate. Of course, there’s broccoli, rice, and mustard as well – but that’s just standard fare.

The toughest part was catching the bird! It kept running and running and running. Darn near lost a finger trying to wrangle that sucker. Ostriches are mean! Of course, you could say we were equally as mean to eat it for dinner.

Just kidding (about the catching part, not the eating part – that really is ostrich on our plate). It tasted a bit gamey, but that’s par for the course with ostrich meat. Can’t say it’s my favorite food in the world. Probably ranks somewhere after spaghetti but definitely before Brussels sprouts.

Who Wants an iPad?

The Internet has been saturated today with content about the iPad. Everywhere you look (including here on my own site), you’ll find blog posts, pictures, videos and teasers. Some of the information was educational. Some of it was funny. Some of it makes me even more anxious for my own iPad to show up on my doorstep in a few hours. Nothing that I have come across, however, has been as entertaining as Robert Scoble’s tweet stream.

Robert got into line (first in line!) at the Palo Alto Apple store Friday morning at 11:00 AM. The Apple store there doesn’t open until 9:00 AM on Saturday to start selling the iPad. Yes, folks… that is 22 total hours the man will spend in line. My first thought was that he was absolutely freaking insane. As I read the tweets floating by, though, I began to realize how truly genius of a move this was. Not only is Scoble going to be the first at that store to buy the iPad, he’s also spending some quality time with some very cool people.

Reportedly, Chatroulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy is hanging out in the line. Not only is he coming up with new ideas for his service, he agreed to finally give in and join Twitter. There are a few venture capitalists milling about. Let’s hope several locals were smart enough to brush up their business plans and join the fray.

At one point, Will Park was streaming the show live – thanks to Scoble’s generator. Sadly, though, the Po-Po came and made Robert shut down the generator. That particular tweet had me laughing so hard I nearly had a “moment” I cannot share here. Sorry, dude… that’s just funny.

The point of this post isn’t to poke fun at Scoble, even though that is admittedly fun to do. The point, my friends, is to show you that hanging out in a line for more than 20 hours in front of a building is about FAR more than a buying a device. You never know who you will run in to – or what could happen – in line at the Apple store!

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Easter Egg Hunt for Toys and Candy

As a kid, what was your Easter morning tradition (if you even had one)? My two younger brothers and I would often spring out of bed two hours before the sun would rise – Easter toys and candy were waiting for us downstairs on the main level of our house. We could count on finding little chocolate footballs (chocolate eggs, really), jelly beans, miniature peanut butter cups, and a few unwrapped presents.

It’s been a few years since I was last on an Easter egg hunt – since I’m no longer a kid, and showing up to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt would be borderline weird (since Ponzi and I don’t have kids of our own). I decided to hit Target yesterday, picking up plenty of provisions so that my wife could relive her childhood Easter memories. It’s not quite the same, but at least we both had fun doing it (I think).

So, again – what did you do for Easter (this year, or yesteryear)?