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How to Choose a Domain Name

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The problem with registering domain names isn’t the registration process. They’re fairly inexpensive, and easy to register. The problem is that all the good names and addresses are already taken. Finding a decent one is sometimes a bit of a challenge. This is the reason I have created this new site – to help you find possible names for the perfect site for you!

This site is exceedingly easy to use. Give it a web address (news article, blog post, etc). The site will scan that web page, pull out two random words, and slap a .com on the end of the words. It will tell you whether or not the address is available. It will even ask you how many results you want!

If a site is already registered, there will be a large red X next to the result. If it’s not, there will be a link you can click to take you to a page that helps you buy it for yourself! All you have to do is plug in any address that exists on the web that deals with the topic matter you’re looking at creating a site for. How much easier can it get?

This is great to help you save time while trying to come up with the best possible name for your new venture. It will also save you the headache you’ll get from brainstorming for hours on end trying to think up something unique. Take a moment and check out our domain thinktank for yourself.

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Do You Need to Buy or Sell a Domain Name?

Consider buying – or selling – domain names using the hottets domain auction house on the Web – Go Daddy Auctions! Go Daddy Auctions has up to 50% lower commission fees than other leading auction houses, so you keep more of your money!

Right now, you can enjoy Go Daddy Auctions for half off of a one-year membership! Head over to Go Daddy now, and click on Auctions at the top of the home page. Please enter source code: auction3 during checkout to receive your savings!

You’re likely going to buy and/or sell a few domains over the next year. Why not make use of the auction that Go Daddy offers, and save yourself a ton of hassle – and money!

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

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All the good domain names are taken already. Have you ever had a great domain name idea, and go to buy it – but it’s already taken? Someone is squatting on it, and wants a ton of money to get off! How creative are you? Do you know how to come up with a domain name that is NOT taken?

Create a new and unique domain name (and word!) by using Wordoid. Wordoids have to be random, and should look as natural as possible. You may want them to begin or end with a short fragment. The fragment should have the letters a-z, and can be only up to 10 letters long.

By choosing only one language, you will get a wordoid that is made according to the grammar rules of that language. But if you choose two or more languages (such as English and Spanish), your wordoids will be more sophisticated sounding, since they’ll be a blend of the two languages. Also, you need to choose how natural your wordoids should look, sound or feel. The higher level you choose, the more the wordoids will resemble the usual words of the language(s) you selected.

Use your wordoids to create a website or product name, or even just new words that you can amaze your friends with. The wordoid site will tell you whether or not your new name and .com is available to buy! You can click right on the domain reseller on the site, and be taken to places like GoDaddy in order to buy.

Remember, if you register with GoDaddy, you can save 10% at checkout by using the coupon code: Chris!

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