Magic Pet Tricks

UncleJohn was able to capture some Wicket and Pixie antics the other day when his new Macbook. Who knew Wicket could climb like that? I certainly never thought he would know to save himself from certain death by strangling me with his front paws.

My dogs are weird – so what? They’re also the coolest dogs on the planet.

Christmas Dogs

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We woof you a Merry Christmas! We woof you a Merry Christmas! We woof you a Merry Christmas! And a happy new bark!

Wicket and Pixie are really in the Holiday spirit this year. How are your dogs doing? Upload a video response starring your Christmas pets if they wanna play along.

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New Facial Technique: Dogs and Peanut Butter

Here, I was asked to put canned dog food on my face. I didn’t do it because we don’t buy canned dog food. As a compromise, I used peanut butter. What dog could resist?

I’m certain Pixie could smell the peanut butter from a mile away. It also doesn’t help that I said the “T-R-E-A-T” word, causing a stampede (I almost sat on Wicket, who jumped into my chair).

After smearing the peanut butter on my face, I lifted Pixie so she could lick it off. Eww. She didn’t leave much for Wicket. There was enough doggie drool on my face, I don’t think he knew what all the fuss was about. However, once Wicket caught a whiff of the tiny bit that was left, he was all over it… literally.

I think I felt peanut butter on my face for the rest of the night. Or was that lingering doggie breath?


Do you let your dogs eat peanut butter? Do you let them lick your face? Apparently most like it, but some are allergic so please use caution when feeding your pets human food. Tell Fido not to try this at home!

My Dogs on Yahoo

My Dogs on Yahoo

Looks like Wicket and Pixie made it to the front of Yahoo this morning (Video tab). As soon as I heard the news, I told them – and they couldn’t look less interested in this accolade. Thanks to Daniel Kindler for tipping me off to this momentous event. Who knew that they’d make it this far, even a year later? I guess it’s a timeless classic (much like Star Wars itself).

Unfortunately, this year, we won’t be at home for Halloween – otherwise, we would all be dressing up like army brats and fighter pilots. Until then, we’ll all have to enjoy the horror on Wicket’s face – and the terror in Pixie’s eyes – as their embarassment was briefly broadcast on the Internet. I don’t think this video will ever die, and I’m quite surprised it made it this far.