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Wicket and I both love bacon. If you don’t like bacon, then maybe you’ve never had GOOD bacon. It’s also inspired other products on the marketplace, so I decided to try nine of them. There’s everything from jelly beans to toothpicks to bacon soap! Which one will you try first?

The lip balm is something I don’t recommend. It smells like bad pork – and tastes about the same. The bacon-inspired jelly beans aren’t bad, though! They kind of taste like pork ‘n’ beans!! The bacon floss smells like the balm, so I decided to try that out on Wicket. He seemed to like it – I think.

The bacon-flavored toothpicks… I actually needed them to get the jelly bean goo out of my teeth. Again, they smell like that nasty balm. Sadly, they taste like wood instead of bacon. What about bacon gumballs?! They don’t smell bad, so maybe… yes! They taste sort of pork-y, and close to a bacon flavor! Finally!

The bacon mints smell so bad that even Wicket wouldn’t lick them. However, I tried them. They tasted minty, believe it or not. Sadly, once I chewed it up, I tasted something other than mint – and it wasn’t something good.

That brought me to the strawberry-flavored gummy bacon. Strawberry and bacon together say what?! The smell was sort-of strawberry. But it also smelled like plastic that had been sprayed with a pork scent. It didn’t taste like anything remotely strawberry-related. It’s pretty much icky.

I think I’m definitely going to stick with real, honest-to-God bacon.

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Pixie Puppy Sleeping in my Arms

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I love my dogs, as most of you already know. Pixie and Wicket are my babies, even though they’re a few years old now. I spoil these dogs, and treat them like they’re my children. Heck, they ARE my children.

When Pixie fell asleep in my arms, I couldn’t resist taking a video capture of her. She looks so peaceful, doesn’t she?

Life is good at times.

New Dog Trick!

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Do you have pets? If so, what kind? Have you ever taught them any tricks? I love my dogs Wicket and Pixie – they’re my kids. They are usually quite smart… almost too smart at times. They pick up on new little tricks pretty easily, unless they’re just in one of those moods where they think they’re the boss.

This treat I was holding was going to make Pixie huge in a matter of seconds. I was serious – and proved it! I gave her the treat… and she magically grew to about five times her normal size.

Maybe I should’ve been a Chemist!

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There are No Kitties Here

It’s a commonly-known fact that I am the proud Daddy to Wicket and Pixie – my adopted doggies. I love them both like crazy, and they’re great animals. Sometimes I think that they are the owners, and I am but a pawn in the game of their life.

What you won’t find in my house are kitties. I’m just not really a cat person. Funny, I know, since my uber awesome assistant is named Kat. However, she’s human, and not of the feline variety. I suppose that doesn’t count then, does it? It’s not that I don’t like kitties, they just aren’t my cup of tea. I’d rather have dogs any day!

What kind of pets do you have – or have you had in the past? What are your favorite to have – and why?

Pixie spent time on my lap this evening in the office while I was checking out everything that you all posted today. She barked approval when we came across a link we wanted to share. So tonight… the roundup is courtesy of Pixie!

My Dogs on Yahoo

My Dogs on Yahoo

Looks like Wicket and Pixie made it to the front of Yahoo this morning (Video tab). As soon as I heard the news, I told them – and they couldn’t look less interested in this accolade. Thanks to Daniel Kindler for tipping me off to this momentous event. Who knew that they’d make it this far, even a year later? I guess it’s a timeless classic (much like Star Wars itself).

Unfortunately, this year, we won’t be at home for Halloween – otherwise, we would all be dressing up like army brats and fighter pilots. Until then, we’ll all have to enjoy the horror on Wicket’s face – and the terror in Pixie’s eyes – as their embarassment was briefly broadcast on the Internet. I don’t think this video will ever die, and I’m quite surprised it made it this far.

What is Your Favorite Type of Dog?

Ponzi and I are the proud parents of Wicket and Pixie. They are a mixed breed: Lhasa Apso, Sh1tzu, and Poodle (Lhasash1tzapoo). They are essentially our kids, as we don’t have any human children at this point in time. Yes, they are quite spoiled. Ask any dog lover, and they’ll loudly tell you that their canine friends are a member of the family, just like our two are.

Wicket and Pixie

Brussels Griffon – Denise

Lhasashisapoo! – l0ckergn0me

Greyhound, Samoid and Golden Retriever. – Nir Ben Yona

My dog, Chewbacca the Yellow Lab! 🙂 – Jericho

Maltese. I had two. One passed away recently. – michael parks

Boxer – Carmen

Boxer – Jeff Quinton

old English sheep dog – Baard Overgaard Hansen

Pug, French Bulldog, or Bull Terrier. Something with a weird nose. – Steve Lynch

Hot Dog – Owen

Shihtzu. 🙂 – <LINDSAY_DONAGHE />

Black Lab but Yellow tastes good too. – Andrew Smith

my late australian cattle dog RIP http://tinyurl.com/4wsb68Jason Kucsma

beagle! – Alisha

Lab. – Kevin Pedraja

Old English Sheepdog. Bearded Collie. Corgi. Oh, and I suppose the Welsh Terrier. – Nine

Jack Russell – shaun mclane

Golden Retriever, great family pet! – Kol Tregaskes

Brittney Spaniel – Diane Ensey

black lab – lisa-k

"someone else’s" – Josh Haley

+1 Josh, lol – Alex Scoble CISSP

Top – todd

Rotweiller – Steven Perez

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Andre Maltais

Beagle! – Louis Gray

Cairn Terrier – Benjamin Golub

beagle – Gary Burd

Dachshund – George The Writer

Shih Tzu – Chris Rivait

Rottweiler – Chris Baskind

Pomeranian – Erica Baker

Living – Jim Goldstein

Sheltie – Bob

Cocker spaniel! – Timothy Griffin

Australian Cattle Dog. Red or Blue, I’m not fussy – Duncan Riley

Old English Sheep Dog, or like Josh "someone else’s" – Rachel L Fox

What’s your favorite type of dog?

Playing Dead

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I have an imaginary gun… with imaginary bullets… and I tried them out on Pixie and Wicket. Such good little doggies…

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Dog Pictures

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I caught Wicket looking at doggie websites he shouldn’t be. He doesn’t know I’m on to him… so let’s sneak in there and see what he’s up to!

Oh man, I can’t believe this. We caught him red handed! Wicket is sitting in front of the Mac… surfing the Lassie websites. I just can’t believe he would do that! Pixie is so disgusted with him, she’s licking herself. I don’t know what to do with these dogs anymore… I really don’t.

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