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Buy Your Toy Story 3 Tickets on Facebook

Disney has decided to try something new for Toy Story 3 ticket sales. They’ve created an app on Facebook that lets you buy your tickets without having to leave the site. In return, you’ll be helping to create hype among your friends for the movie. The application is called Disney Tickets Together. It’s an excellent example of using social media in innovative ways.

LeapFish Sponsors Tweet-a-Cause: Tweet to Send Ill Child to Disneyland

I remember going to Disneyland for the first time, but it wasn’t as a child. I was much, much older (and still as enchanted by what I saw there). Do you have any memories of going to Disneyland?

Jacob is a four-year old with Atresia who has always wanted to go – and you have a chance to help his wish come true with a simple tweet. LeapFish teamed up with the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation® to help Jacob get to Disneyland. Tweet-a-Cause gives Twitter users the power. That’s you!

So, LeapFish is making a donation per tweet sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation until $10,000 has been raised. They’re inviting you to tweet to raise awareness for children who need your help. What do you need to tweet? Click This or copy / paste the following into your Twitter client:

Just tweeted to grant a child’s wish! #leapfish donates to #makeawish foundation for each tweet. http://bit.ly/3KgyQX

With any luck, we can use our small influence to make a big difference in Jacob’s life.

Have You Ever Raced an ATV?

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This morning, I opened my front door and found the package waiting for me that contained the new game from Disney. It’s called Pure, and is for the Xbox 360. Pure is a racing game, where you race an ATV.

The formula for Pure is simple: Take one off-road vehicle– the quad– and use it to rewrite the rules on what “video game extreme” really means. This is not dissimilar to what the Tony Hawk series did with the skateboard.

On the foundation side of things, one trip to the fleshed out, create-an-ATV Garage section will make it clear that Pure’s concentration on just quads was a good move. Intricately detailed and fully customizable four wheelers are comprised of a dizzying amount of polygons and animated parts. Real-deal bits from reputable sponsors help users in-the-know create copies of the hot machines currently in the ATV scene. Top one of Pure’s ATV’s off with an uber-flexible rider capable of uncanny trick sets, and you have the basis for a top-tier, extreme off-roader.

A little while before recording this video, I went through the training in the game. The people in the chat room watched me play, and saw me come in 16h place. Yes, there were only 16 places, but come on! It was my first time playing! The problem with this game is that it’s so high-action and graphics intense, I don’t think my webcam picked it up very well.

The game has excellent graphics, great handling… and it’s just an awesome game. The soundtrack really rocks out, too! I played again, and tried my best to win. So I like riding on hills and smashing into things. Isn’t that what makes it fun?!

Anyway, Pure is now available for purchase. My recommendation is that you grab it as soon as you have a chance. You’re not going to be disappointed, and that’s a guarantee.


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