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Your Inner Geek Could Win an iPad

David Spark attended Gnomedex this year on behalf of Dice. He interviewed several people throughout the event, asking everyone the same question: “What makes you a true geek?” The answers were as varied as they could possibly be. My idea of what a geek is was reinforced by everyone who participated. You don’t have to be a technology buff to be a geek. A geek is someone who is passionate about something, whether that something is cars, technology, gardening or even swimming.

Do you think you are geekier than anyone in this video? You could win an iPad courtesy of Dice for telling your story. The deadline is today, so head over to their Facebook Page and enter now! After you “Like” the page, you will see a tab at the top called “Inner Geek.” Click there and tell your story. You could end up being the winner!

Thanks to David and the entire Dice crew for coming out to support us during Gnomedex. We had a great time talking with you!

Technology is the Tool That Gives us the Power to Create

David Spark attended Gnomedex last weekend on behalf of Dice. He stopped me for a couple of moments to talk about my ideas for this year. While we have no pre-planned agenda, a theme tends to emerge as we book our speakers. This year, the theme ended up being about the power of an individual.

We each have the power to do and to create without anyone asking us to. You have to get out there and do whatever it is you’re passionate about. Technology and social media have become our enablers.

Our presenters this year each had a story to tell. They created something without anyone’s approval and gathered interest as a result of their work. They are individuals with power – the power to create change.

Is PC Tech Support a Gamble?

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When something goes wrong with your computer, how do you diagnose it? Do you start with making sure cables are plugged in properly, and then test components one-by-one? Why not do it the easy way from now on? Just roll the dice and let them tell you the problem.

The PC Diagnostic Dice are available from ThinkGeek for only $20.00. They’re a must-have for all of the IT people in your life.

IT-support personnel have a difficult job. Constant phone calls and emails from people barely smart enough to operate their computers can grate on you after a while. Before too long, every support phone call sounds the same.

As you get older, you realize that people don’t necessarily want to know exactly what the problem is. What they really want is assurance that someone is there, listening, and is ready to come to their aid. The chances that you can actually walk them through fixing their problem is minuscule – you’re going to have to take a visit anyway, so why bother putting in the effort now?

With the new PC Dice diagnostic system, give your users the reassurance they need while maintaining your sanity. Just a quick toss of the dice, and all the information you need is right there. Three dice describe the problem, the culprit, and the solution.

According to the dice, you need to rush off now and fix your modem… or was it your cable? Maybe it was the little doohickey that hangs down inside the whatchamacallit.

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