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Dialogues with Dialect: How Do You Pronounce a Word?

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You may think that words of the same language are pronounced the same, no matter what country you may be in. This isn’t always the case. There can be many different dialects. What do you do if you are going to travel, and want to be sure you’re pronouncing important words correctly? Forvo can help.

Forvo is an online pronouncing dictionary. We want to have all the words that exist in the world pronounced and recorded, including names. Forvo isn´t for large audio files or documents. Audio clips are limited to 2.5 seconds, long enough for any word.

We mean that almost every word is allowed, including bad words. We think that it´s not the word what´s wrong but the way of saying or context that makes a word removable. Anyway, words are limited to 40 characters. Onomatopoeias, exclamations or so are not allowed.

We know there are completely different pronunciations depending on the country or region, even in the same language. So, why don´t you pronounce yourself that word with your accent? Forvo support multiple pronunciations for the same word. That way users learning a language can hear pronunciation from different places.

Did you know there are 197 languages in the World? The World isn’t even that big! So the next time you need to learn how to pronounce something, or even just want to learn something new for the fun of it… check out Forvo.

And yes, I finally stopped laughing about an hour after I finished recording this.


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