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Wireless Mobile Devices and Phones

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PongoShawn writes: “As the years go by, more and more people are buying wireless devices.” Here are some tips he sent in for you to keep in mind when purchasing one.

  • Consider a case! At one point in time, we all drop our cell phones accidentally, or purposely. Under certain conditions, if your phone is dropped, you may damage your phone beyond repair. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a case versus a new phone?
  • Know your accessories and shop online for a possible discount. I was looking for a BlueTooth headset for my phone in stores, and once I logged into my account online, I found out that I qualified for a $20 discount. If you do not have a absolute need for the accessory, then it will pay to shop around, especially online.
  • Go to look at the phone in stores. By doing this, you ensure that you do not get any surprises and you know what you are paying for. This has got my friends so many times, and each time they do it, they wish they would have seen the phone in stores before purchasing it.
  • Consider a two year plan for your phone. This usually means that you will not have a setup fee (depends on which brand you choose) and you will have a lower price on the phone. The only downside is that SHOULD you want to cancel the two year contract, the prices are quite high. After a two year plan, you are eligible to purchase a new phone for a discounted rate.
  • What do you want a phone for? Texting? Music? Navigation? These are important questions to consider when purchasing a phone. If you like text messaging, then you would not need to get a music phone. If you are interested in having a good multimedia gadget, then you should consider the iPhone or competitor LG Voyager.
  • BONUS TIP I would not recommend purchasing a phone at another retailer, such as Best Buy. I have seen many people coming to the customer support because they cannot activate their phone. I would always purchase the phone in the retailer’s store – By purchasing in store, you can ask any questions to the representative that you may have, as well as get support with the first time setup.


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USB Adapter for PCMCIA 3G Modems on Windows

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You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole, unless the square peg has a USB port. USB adapters are great, because they allow you to have backwards compatibility with legacy devices. Just about every computer has USB.
My friends at SewellDirect.com sent me this USB to Cardbus Adapter for 3G high-speed modems.

Never be out of touch with your e-mail, VPN, chat, or other internet service again with this USB to Cardbus adapter for wireless 3G data cards. Newer notebook computers have phased out the PCMCIA (cardbus) slot in favor of the newer ExpressCard slot, leaving PCMCIA data card owners high and dry. Regain your access with this adapter that plugs into any available USB port!

This card works with a large number of cutting-edge wireless 3G cards. Please see below to see if your card is supported. Great for connecting laptops, desktops, or specialist systems (like point-of-sale systems), this U142 adapter will keep you connected when you need to be connected.

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Teaching You Tech Terms Today

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Just like the word espresso is often mispronounced, so are a lot of tech words mispronounced, and misused.

  • Palm Devices are not PalmPilots. Palm devices haven’t been titled PalmPilot in over 8 years now. It’s time to stop calling them PalmPilots. You can thank a lawsuit by the makers of the Pilot pen for this. They are to now be called Palm devices or Palm Treo, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm PDA, etc..
  • Cell phone’s aren’t cellular anymore. Most phone companies don’t use cellular technology anymore. Yet nobody uses the term “wireless phone”. Calling today’s wireless phones “cellular” is like calling a CD a cassette tape. Yes there are still some cellular networks, but why call a phone that doesn’t use cellular technology a cell phone? Heck, they often aren’t even a “phone” anymore. They are mobile devices. They do far more these days than to just act as a phone.

If you have other tech terms that you are trying to get through someone’s head, and they just aren’t listening? Send me an email or leave a follow up comment to let me know so I can share them with the world.

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Weird, Strange, and Odd USB Gadgets

I love USB – it’s simple, sexy, and ubiquitous. I’m probably the only guy on the planet who would describe the Universal Serial Bus as “sexy,” but I still remember fiddling with RS-232 ports back in the day (very unsexy). If a device doesn’t accept a charge by USB, throw it back – it’s simply not worth the hassle, otherwise. And if you think that the world of USB has been relegated to storage devices and media players, think again:

And there are thousands more USB devices that are equally as… strange. I’ve seen some serious doozies in my holiday shopping travels. If I could, I’d collect every strange USB gizmo on the planet. I was half hoping to find a few listed on pt’s open source gift guide.

What’s the weirdest USB device you’ve ever heard of?