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Are You Looking for Free Desktop Wallpapers?

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What is your current wallpaper? More importantly, how often do you change your wallpaper? You’d be surprised to find out how many people never change theirs. I can’t stand that. I have to change mine almost constantly or it drives me nuts. There are so many places that will change your wallpaper automatically, including the new Top Draw from Google.

Top Draw is an image generation program just launched in the Google Mac Playground. By using simple text scripts, based on JavaScript, Top Draw can create surprisingly complex and interesting images. Even cooler is that the program has built-in support for installing any image of yours as your desktop image. There’s a Viewer application you can install in the menu bar to automatically run with the parameters (such as script and update interval) that you’ve specified. And there’s even a Screen Saver to display the scripts when your computer is taking a break.

The Top Draw scripting language leverages Apple’s Quartz and CoreImage rendering engines for graphical muscle. In addition to the drawing commands that are supported by the HTML canvas tag, there is support for particle systems, plasma clouds, random noise, multi-layer compositing and much more.

This is an application that creates random wallpapers based on a certain script. It comes with a set of scripts, or you can edit them and make them your own. The first time you run it, your wallpaper will change based on the script. You’ll then get a little preference pane that will pop up, allowing you to choose different scripts. There are several different things to choose from, and each is cooler than the next.

The best part is that if you cannot choose between them all, just set it to random. Your desktop will just automatically change on its own… on your schedule. It’s especially awesome if you’re running two monitors on your computer at once. The wallpapers will automagically span across them both.

Be sure to check out this newest offering from Google. It’s fun to play with, and simple to edit the scripts and make them what you want. Be sure to share them back with the rest of us!


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