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Change Your Desktop Theme in Windows XP

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Several people joined me on a GoToMeeting. Using that, we can share and see each others’ desktops, as well as talk to each other. During this video, one of the chatters shared with us the site he uses to customize his desktop.

GoToMeeting is a great way to conference in several people at once. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and we’ve had a great time getting a bunch of our community members together. The interaction has sparked some excellent conversation.

One of the chatters has a really cool desktop, and was asked where he got it from. There are two different places he goes: DeviantArt.com and CrystalXP.net. At both sites, you can obtain free images to use for your desktop wallpaper.

Changing your wallpaper on your XP desktop is simple. Once you’ve saved the picture you want to use, do the following:

  • Right click anywhere on your desktop and choose “properties”.
  • Click on the “desktop” tab
  • Click “browse”, and navigate to where your picture is saved, then select it.
  • Click “Apply”, and you’re all set! You can also choose whether to display the picture centered, stretched, or tiled.

Also, you can simply navigate to your picture on your hard drive, right click on it, and choose to “save as desktop background”… you just don’t get the options to center it, etc.

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Laptop vs Desktop

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Compucraze64 from the chat room writes in:

For Christmas, you may or may not know I’m really hoping for a computer as long as I get half of the money for it. And I want a desktop computer. However, my dad disagrees and always says no and that I should get a laptop. I keep trying to convince him that a desktop contains more power and hard drive space for less cost. But, he insists on a laptop. Is there any other way I can convince him into a desktop instead of a laptop.

The real question here is: which is better for your lifestyle?

A laptop has a huge advantage for students and people on the go: mobility. Laptops offer the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to take your laptop almost anywhere. While you may not have as much power, you’ll be able to take everything with you much more easily then it would be to drag a desktop across the city.

Desktops do offer more performance per dollar, but they are stationary, and getting your data around can be a bit more difficult.

Chris recommends making an argument – a list of positive reasons – why a desktop would be better to own than a laptop.

Can you help compucraze64 build a list of reasons for getting a desktop or against getting a laptop?

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World's Highest Linux Distribution

I’ve taken over a hundred flights in my short lifetime. Some experiences have been great (JetBlue), and others have been wildly less-than-mediocre. No matter what, I always appreciate the infusion of technology / entertainment options with mass transit. Boeing is sadly killing their Connexion service, and that probably means we won’t ever see wireless Internet access in airplanes. Delta put us on a newer plane last week, en route to Florida (to start our honeymoon). While there wasn’t WiFi, I had a personal digital concierge placed at my fingertips – literally. A touch screen system with plenty of options had been infused into the back of everyone’s seat. I watched a movie, flipped through some live TV channels, then decided to play some Galaga. Without warning, the unit locked up – and I tried everything to restart the buttonless, pinholeless PC. I couldn’t believe what I saw next:

Is that the world’s highest Linux installation?

Rubbing XGL in Windows Vista's Wounds

Everybody went ga-ga over the video I linked to the other day – showing XGL running on KDE in some random flavor of Linux. Some of you suffered from motion sickness after watching the entire thing, but I don’t think typical usage would require or necessitate that much desktop movement in such a small amount of time.

No matter, I went on a quest to find a live CD distro with XGL pre-infused – just to see how well it would work. Because of GPL violations, most XGL-enabled live CDs have been taken offline. I tried installing XGL on my own, following “simple” instructions I found for various distros online – and wound up remembering why I dislike Linux so much in the first place: it’s not easy, no matter what anybody leads you to believe.

GNOME makes Linux easier to navigate, which is why I think so many people have fallen in love with Ubuntu. If Linux is ever going to win over the hearts and minds of the status quo, the GUI must continue to improve. I think XGL gives power users enough eye candy to give Linux another stab – but I couldn’t come close to recommending Linux over OS X for reasons other than economics at this point.

I scoured the BitTorrent directories for XGL-enabled live CD ISOs. Wow, that was probably the geekiest sentence I think I’ve ever written. Anyway, I discovered an XGL-enabled distribution called Kororaa. You can download, burn, reboot, and run Linux without installing it on your hard drive. Grab the torrent for Kororaa Linux Xgl LiveCD 0.2 before it disappears.

Go ahead, try XGL on your own PC – you’ll be amazed. I ran it on Ponzi’s laptop, which has a lame-ass Intel video card. Every one of the XGL effects I tried ran smoother than I ever would have anticipated.

And yes, I believe GNOME looks and works infinitely better than Vista (especially with XGL enabled) for common, everyday tasks.