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Are There Things You Shouldn't DO on a Laptop?

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Over on Lockergnome, PhidiasBob asked the community if there are things you can do on a desktop machine that you should NOT do on a laptop. This is a fair question to ask. I think the only thing I wouldn’t do with a notebook or laptop vs a desktop is to do something that is very memory or processor intensive. They to tend to underpowered compared to your desktop system… and some machines will even end up having an overheating problem if you push them too hard.

There are times you need to use a portable machine, such as when you’re on a self-imposed vacation. I prefer my desktop, of course. I have more power, more memory and more OOMPH on my home system. My Macbook Pro is great, but it just doesn’t have the capability to multi-task with processor-intensive applications as my Mac Pro does.

There really isn’t anything else I can think of to answer this question, y’all. What things can you guys think of that you likely shouldn’t do with a laptop that you can do on your desktop?

Keep in mind that you can join Lockergnome yourself for free and ask questions of your own. The community loves to answer things, and are telling me that it’s quite addictive. I hope you’ll join us!

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Never Gonna Give You Up

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According to a study just released by Slate, the sale of laptops eclipsed the sale of desktops last year – 44% to 38%. The remainder of sales went to netbooks. These figures would lead one to believe that laptops may be replacing desktops as the primary machines people own. Lamarr is here to tell you that as far as he’s concerned, that isn’t going to happen.

Lamarr says that laptops are useful, but don’t have the same workhorse power as his desktop. He won’t give up the power of his desktop, and says he can upgrade “old reliable” easily. Lamarr even went to Fry’s to check out some new notebooks just to see what the hype is all about.

While many of the notebooks there were “very nice,” they just don’t measure up to a desktop machine. Yes – a desktop keeps you chained to your desk. But for those of us who work at home – from a DESK – it makes sense to have a workhorse.

For Lamarr, a laptop is great for traveling. If he had to choose only one machine, Lamarr tells his desktop that he will “never give you up.”

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iPad Wallpaper Tricks

Everywhere I look there are write-ups, reviews and reports about the iPad. I know – I’m guilty of writing about the device, as well. Let’s face it: this is hot news! However, I do know that there are many people out there who don’t want an iPad, and don’t plan to ever buy one. I’m willing to bet that right about now they’d love to play a dirty little trick on their iPad-owning friends.

Gizmodo has posted several different wallpaper tricks you can play on your friends. A few of them really are cruel, and will likely send the device owner into a frenzy (complete with foam coming out of their mouth).

Notice anything strange going on here? It may take your friend a few minutes to realize they can suddenly open Hulu and use Flash on their iPad. Let’s not forget they also apparently are now on the Verizon network.

You could always play around with the iPad to install this fun wallpaper. As soon as it’s live on the screen, clear your throat and say a loud “OOPS! My bad.” Hand them back the device and watch as they transform into something that looks as though it should be in the next Freddie movie.

You can have a lot of fun at their expense. They might even forgive you for it and find it humorous after a few moments. Just uh… don’t put any of these on my iPad, mkay?

What Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Do You Recommend?

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I have three monitors and one large surface, thanks to Eyefinity by AMD. I have these screens connected to a new AMD computer system, which was sent to me by AMD as well. I will be reviewing that system at a later date, so stay tuned for it.

As I set up this new system on the live stream, I realized I didn’t have the right keyboard and mouse to use with it. Sure, I have several keyboards and mice lying around. However, they all have cords attached to them. I prefer wireless systems, so I went shopping. I picked up this Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop set for just about seventeen bucks. It looks great, and works well enough for what I need to accomplish. It looks nice with the monitors, since this set is black. Both components have all of the buttons I need, so what more could I ask for?

I will upgrade the mouse and keyboard combo if I find the right one. This is where YOU come in. What set do you recommend? What do you use? Why do you love it? Leave a follow-up comment to this video. Better yet… leave a video response (if you can) showing off your desktop setup.

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Unlock Hidden Windows 7 Themes

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Why would you want a theme on your computer, anyway? There are several reasons you might choose one… the most common, though, deals with the way things look. You want your colors and icons to look good to your eye. Themes will make sure that everything matches and scales well together and gives you an environment you can really work with.

This screencast was created by Joshua to help you learn how to unlock the extra themes found in Windows 7.

Open a Windows Explorer window, and click on the Organize tab at the top. From the drop-down menu, choose Folder and Search Options. In the View tab, make sure that “Show Hidden Files and Folders” is selected. Now you’re going to want to type this into the address bar at the top of the Explorer window: WindowsglobalizationMCT.

This will open a window that has five different folders contained in it. Click the first folder open, then scroll down and open up the Theme folder, and you’ll see the theme in there. Each of those five folders have a theme inside.

If you still aren’t happy with any of the themes you’ve come across, maybe you should try your hand at creating your own. Once you’ve customized your new theme, you can share it with others. Save it in a .themepack file format and email it to others, or send it via social networks or on an external hard disk. There are also several other themes to look through on the Windows Personalization website.

These extra themes are simple to install to your themes directory, and they’re all gorgeous. Your computer will pop – your background will come alive. Okay, perhaps it won’t exactly come alive. But it will look better, I promise!

Thanks, Joshua, for this screencast. Well done!

How to Put a Clock on Your Desktop

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Devir has come up with another excellent screencast for us! If you’re tired of changing your background all of the time, a wallpaper clock might be the answer for you. Alternatively, you just may be someone who is forever needing to check the date and time! Again, this would be the perfect desktop wallpaper for your system! This wallpaper is fun – and functional.

Head over to Vladstudio to download. You’ll see versions for both Mac and Windows. The Windows version has a free 30-day trial. The OS X version is actual freeware. Once you’ve downloaded, you’ll be able to browse their huge selection of clocks. You’ll find ones with nearly any color or theme you can think of. Also, if you’re a developer, you can create some of your own. There are already 288 pages full of different designs!

Choose one to download. It will recommend a size for your screen after detecting your resolution. There are sizes compatible with nearly ever size of monitor, up to 30″ ones!

Adding a clock is simple. Once you’ve downloaded the actual program, just choose your design and download that. Click on your downloaded clock file, and it will automatically open in the program. Once the program is open, highlight the wallpaper clock that you want to use at the present time, and click the Apply button. It’s that simple.

Last, but not least, each clock comes with different options, such as adjusting the way time shows up. Choose between standard and military time, different date display options, and more!

The next time you need to know what the date is, just install a wallpaper clock. You will no longer confuse yourself as to what day your brain should be on! (Doesn’t it always feel like Monday?!)

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BumpTop on the Mac

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FINALLY BumpTop has come to the Mac! Up until recently, it was only available for Windows users. I used it often on my Windows install, and love it. The Mac version is still in private beta, so you won’t see the things I do when you go to the webpage. However, if you sign up, maybe you’ll be able to get in on the next release! BumpTop is basically a different type of desktop that you can use. You can customize it in any number of ways. It will make your desktop more functional – and more fun!

BumpTop lets you create piles out of the icons and files/folders on your desktop. However, unlike real piles of things, you can still easily find what you’re looking for. Pin important files or notes to yourself right on your desktop with sticky notes. Also, the more you use files, the bigger they will get. This makes them easier for you to find quickly.

Want to be able to see your family and friends whenever you choose? Create a photo frame on your wall to watch your friends’ photo feeds, or toss a photo to a Twitter or Facebook widget to share it with your social network.

Desktops have never been so much fun! I love my BumpTop!

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uBoard Review

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I do have a lot of desk space, but it’s still not enough. I could always build up if I wanted to, by adding shelves. This would allow me to put things on, under and around the shelving. What type of shelves would I use? I’m glad you asked! The uBoard is not just any old shelf, sitting there doing nothing. It’s an amazing addition to my work space!

Not only can the uBoard help keep your desk organized, it gives you a three-port USB hub! We never have enough USB ports around as Geeks, do we? I know I don’t. You’ll also find a cup holder/notepad holder on the other side of this handy little shelf.

The uBoard is thin and lightweight, and will easily go with your office decor – no matter what style or colors you’ve chosen. You can place your laptop on the shelf, and put your keyboard underneath. You can use your uBoard for any number of things – all of which can help free up your space, and keep you more organized.

I know my uBoard will stay on my desk, and be put to good use. How will you use your uBoard?

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What’s Your Favorite Screen Saver?

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Even when I have something important to talk to you about, I still find my Inbox overrun with the same question – “What screen saver do you use?!”. For whatever reason, that appears to be a burning question in our community. Instead of recording a video today on some deep, intellectual topic, I decided it was best to discuss these screen savers and soothe the question fires. So – where DO I get those awesome screen savers?

I happen to be using screen savers from Really Slick Screensavers. The screen savers there are available for both OS X and Windows – and will cost you nothing but the time it takes to download the files! They’re seriously cool and fun. I admit to sitting and staring at them at times… totally forgetting to do any work!

So now you know what screen saver I’m currently using. Today – this is my favorite, and what you’ll see on my monitors. Tomorrow – who knows? I tend to change it up a bit, depending on cool new things I find.

If you know of even better screen savers for OS X than what you see I have now, email me a link. I’ll definitely check it out.

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How to Create an Icon

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How many icons do you have on your desktop? I’m betting you probably have a few, unless you have them hidden. Even so, you still have tons of icons on your computer. An icon isn’t like a ‘normal’ graphic, since it can have multiple sizes or resolutions within the same file. They’re quite complex little pieces of art, so how can you easily create them yourself?

ConvertIcon is a simple icon utility. It can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files. There is no software to download and it’s 100% free. It truly is this simple, folks. Just select an image from your computer, choose the size of the icon you want to create, and wait a few seconds while the site does the work for you!

Create custom icons for your documents folder, your My Computer desktop icon, or use them anyplace you wish – on your Windows computer, of course. Sorry Mac people, this one isn’t for you!

The best part of this site isn’t only that it’s easy to use: it’s the fact that you can export your icon into all of the sizes you might want or need. They’re all included in the .ico file (or .png!) that is output when you are finished.

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