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Control Scroll

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On my notebook, I use a touch pad to glide the cursor across the screen. You may use a different input device on your computer to allow you to push the cursor across your screen. I received a question from our sister community, PC PitStop. Jerry asks why the page starts going up and down really fast when he attempts to scroll up and down with his mouse.

The problem is that your mouse is too sensitive. It may have taken too many sensitivity courses in the manufacturing process. Your computer could be haunted, even! Okay, I’m kidding. It really is related to sensitivity though.

Controlling this problem is usually fairly simple. Go into your control panel (whichever operating system you are using), and click onto your mouse icon. In there, you’ll find areas to control the acceleration of scroll features. Adjust the slider bar up or down until you’re comfortable with how fast things react.

If your input device is too sensitive, just look in your control panel or system properties. It isn’t something to cry over, despite what you see me doing in this video. I’m not really a crier like that, honest!

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