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Yes I’m a Computer Geek – So What?

Earlier today, I noticed a blog post on Geeks talking about being called a Geek by one’s peers. The author talks about how it shouldn’t matter what others think of you. Your opinion is the one that matters. I agree with this… but I also have more to add! (Don’t I always have more to add?!)

Being called a Geek is a compliment… especially these days. Geeks are the ones who keep the world running. Geeks are the ones coming up with all of those cool gadgets you use every day. Geeks are the ones who are discovering cures for illnesses, painting the newest great work of art, and even coming up with the hottest new novel.

Keep in mind, a “Geek” does not necessarily mean you are into computers and technology. A Geek is simply someone who is passionate about something. They put their heart and soul into what it is they love, be it computers, gardening, writing, painting, or even riding a motorcycle. If you put your all into what you’re doing, how is that a bad or negative thing?

Being a Geek, therefore, is a GOOD thing, people!

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