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Hubbard Glacier

We never actually pulled up to a port yesterday. Hubbard glacier was to be admired from afar – and admired, it was. I’ll cover the experience in tonight’s Lockergnome report – an afternoon that will be forever etched in memory. I never thought something in nature could be so… naturally amazing. I spend my life looking for artificial creations and virtual pleasures, so this formation of snow and ice was a breath of fresh air (literally). I enjoyed watching it for well over three hours – without once thinking of the time, without once feeling bored or restless. I will return one day, mark my words.

Ponzi and I played casual all the way through the evening, though we did miss another opportunity for group trivia and bingo. I’ve got a few more cruise tips to add to my list, and I think Ponzi’s got a few of her own. Holland America still strikes me as one of the better cruise companies around – in Alaska or otherwise. Being able to connect to the Internet in the middle of the day is nice, too – thanks, Pluggd!

Alaska Cruise Tips

Alaska Cruise Tips

  1. If you don’t have kids or grey hair, you’re in a minority.
  2. They will feed you until your stomach explodes; pace yourself!
  3. Cruise ship “Classes” are nothing more than sales pitches.
  4. If you can’t get a suite with a verandah, keep saving your pennies until you can.
  5. Plan on doing separate activites from your travel mate frequently.
  6. It’s cold in the morning. (NSFW)
  7. Formal wear isn’t required, but suggested for a more complete experience.
  8. Recharge your electronics every evening, bring spares.
  9. Don’t plan something for every minute of every day.
  10. Get to know your staff; be kind to people and they should be kind to you in return.

And, of course, do you best to line up a ship that has an Internet connection (though I doubt I’d be able to use it much if I wasn’t able to find Pluggd as a sponsor). Maybe if I keep my thinking cap on long enough, I can extend this list to 50 general cruise tips I’ve picked up on my journeys at sea?