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Are You A Word Game Fanatic?

I am addicted to yet another game. This time it’s Scrabb.ly. It’s a massively multi-player crossword game where you can lose lives by swapping tiles and build words until you become the king. Okay, so you won’t really become king. You will have bragging rights when you win, though!

Build onto any board tile to begin and continue building words from your own tiles. Each time you swap a tile you lose a life. The game ends once you run out of lives. Rack up as many points as you can, and don’t tell Hasbro about what you’re doing. (Yes, that’s actually in the game’s posted rules!)

I played this game for several hours with members of my community the other night. It’s addictive and educational, so why haven’t you tried it yet?

Am I the Only Player Addicted to Crosswords?

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I’m addicted to both crossword puzzles and my Nintendo DS. So you can imagine how addicted I am to the Crosswords DS game made specifically for my DS! The game only cost me about $20.00. With this game, you can choose from more than 1000 crossword puzzles, or choose to do an Anagram or WordSearch.

Crosswords DS is designed for all players—just select your difficulty level and start off with a basic four-by-four puzzle. As you progress, the game will increase in difficulty and puzzle size. Use the DS stylus like a pencil to write or circle your answers on the touch-control screen. Erasing mistakes is as simple as writing the new answer over the old one. A hint system is also included in case you need some friendly assistance.

In Crosswords DS, you’ll find puzzles perfect for everyone regardless of age or experience. Exercise your word skills in more than a thousand touch-control word puzzles to challenge every skill level.

If you’re a casual gamer like me, or even if you just love word games… you should definitely check out Crosswords DS. It’s my newest addiction!

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