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America is Screwing Us… the President Said So!

Are you ready to shit your pants? From the official Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Web site:

“A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom.” – Excerpt from 1912 campaign speech

“We have restricted credit, we have restricted opportunity, we have controlled development, and we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world–no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.” – Another excerpt from 1912 campaign speech

Bad Credit Report Repair

Even though the live stream wasn’t working very well at the time we recorded this, I’m pretty pleased with how this video / conference call turned out. Keep in mind, possibly before you watch (or listen) to our segment, that Jason has fully explained his situation in the How to Repair Your Credit post. There’s no way you could crawl out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt with nothing more than minimum wage. I’ve (thankfully) never been in such a dire situation before. The worst debt I’ve ever been in involved my student loans.

None of us here are credit experts – and there are plenty of people in this world who take advantage of this fact. It’s all the more reason we must start sharing these money-saving (and in some cases, life saving) tips with one another. There are so many little things you can do to help your credit rating, whether it’s in good or bad standing.