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Zeemote is a Game Controller for Your Phone

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There are tons of games out there for mobile devices. However, they aren’t always easy to play without the benefit of a controller. Zeemote has come up with a game controller for your phone and other mobile devices that connects via Bluetooth technology.

During a recent Bluetooth SIG event, I learned about a better way to game on my mobile devices. Theoretically, Zeemote will work on any device which is Bluetooth-enabled and the serial port profile. The device needs to have an application that has been made Zeemote ready. The company provides an SDK to the top fifteen game developers.

Their controllers have an analog joystick and four programmable buttons. They allow for a console-like gaming experience right on your phone. You never have to take your eyes off the screen to check that your fingers are in the right position on the phone. They’re available from BestBuy right now for around $40.00.

Are you a mobile gamer? I can’t get over how popular this type of game-playing is becoming. Mobile gaming is a multi-million dollar business these days, and everyone from newcomers to huge corporations are owning a piece of the pie. Thinking back to when I was young and thinking the original Atari was the coolest invention ever (it WAS at the time!!), it’s so incredibly cool to see just how far we’ve come.

Think about it: back in those days, “cell phones” were owned mostly by the very rich and were these huge clunky devices. Can you even think of what it would have been like to play a game with one of those? There were no screens, really, so I’m not sure how you’d even pull it off. Then again, I doubt that back during my teen years you’d have convinced me we’d see something on the market like a Wii.

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