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Remember to Write it Down

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Any time you have to work with electronics and take things apart, make sure you plan what you’re doing. Don’t get over-anxious and just start disassembling something you may not later remember how to properly put back together.

Ponzi and I recently got some new shelving units for our basement media room, which is still coming together. I have 7.1 surround sound, and had to unhook all the wires from the back of the receiver. Had I just started pulling them out, putting it back together could have been a nightmare. Here are some things I did to help me remember, and are my “tips” to you when doing anything similar at your home.

  • Have plenty of light. Make sure you can see what goes where, the proper color wires, and the proper holes.
  • I recorded myself with my video camera. This gave me a visual and audio backup to refer to if needed.
  • I grabbed some stickers out of Ponzi’s desk drawer. Little color-coded stickers are a great little thing to use to keep things organized. You can actually buy wire labeling kits that you can write on the long, thin sticker what the cord is for, then wrap it around the cord permanently.
  • Write. It. Down. Yes, write! I even drew a little diagram in one instance.

If you take any or all of the above steps, you shouldn’t have any problems when the time comes to reassemble what you’ve taken apart.

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