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What is the Chrome Web Store?

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This week, Marques is talking about the new Chrome Store. The things you’ll find here are sort of a cross between web apps and desktop apps. The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome.

Every item in the store has its own page, where you can read and contribute reviews and ratings. If you use multiple computers, synchronize your apps, extensions, and theme across all your computers with browser sync.

Web apps are advanced interactive websites. They may provide a wide-ranging set of features or focus on a single task like photo-editing or shopping. Extensions let you add new features to your browser. For example, an email notifier extension can show an email alert in your browser toolbar so you don’t have to log in to your email in a separate window to check if you have new messages. Themes allow you to you customize the look and feel of your browser, including themes from leading artists and designers around the world.

Thanks for another excellent screencast, Marques!

YouTube Chrome Extension

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Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla has graced us with her presence this week to tell all of you about a very cool Chrome extension. Adding the YouTube Feed extension to Chrome will give you easy access to everything that’s happening on YouTube.

If you have YouTube friends or subscription who create content you don’t want to miss, then this instant-notification extension is perfect for you. This extension notifies the user whenever new videos are available in his YouTube Homepage Feed. These are videos that their friends uploaded, favorited, liked, commented on, etc.

Once installed, you’ll see a YouTube icon to the right of your address bar. Clicking it will bring up a list of the last ten items from your subscription feeds. It’s the fastest way for you to keep up with everything that’s going on around the popular video site.

We appreciate Veronica and the team at Revision3 taking the time to share this with all of you. Keep your eyes open for future videos starring your favorite Tekzilla star.

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How do You get Your News on the Go?

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I am fortunate to be a YouTube partner. This video was made for – and paid by – Google as a part of the Google Demo Slam project.

If you’re like me, you love links and like looking at things, such as iconic representations of news stories. If you’re on the go, it’s easy to get information quickly from your desktop browser to your phone using the free Site to Phone Google Chrome extension. Not only can you send links to your devices with ease, it will allow you to do so much more.

Youtube, Mail, Phone and Maps links open directly in the corresponding apps on iOS. Send any page, link, image or even text via the right-click menu. Settings are synced between multiple installs of Chrome and can be set up on multiple devices.

Getting the news from my workstation to my phone has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to Google.

Google Chrome Brings You Free Gogo Wi-Fi During Holiday Flights

Happy holidays from Google Chrome! The team behind the browser says that they love “innovations that make our lives on the web and in the browser better” so much that they are going to give all of us free Internet access at 30,000 feet this holiday season! These people truly feel that the innovations they work so hard to bring to the table would be nothing unless people are able to connect to the web – and they’re right, of course. Why would you need a browser if you cannot connect to the intertubes of information?

From November 20th, 2010 until January 2, 2011, Google Chrome is teaming up with several airlines to give you free Internet access on enabled flights. These carriers include AirTran, Delta and Virgin America. This may seem like a small gesture to many – but it’s a large one if you ask me. Keeping you connected to your family, friends and even co-workers (or boss!) when you’re traveling home for the long holiday weekends can be crucial for most of us. Heck, it can even mean the difference between being stuck in the office and being allowed to go home for turkey or presents.

To get more information, be sure to visit freeholidaywifi.com, and give a little thanks to Chrome by checking out their latest browser version if you haven’t already.

View PDF Documents Right in Google Chrome

The newest beta of Google Chrome includes a built-in PDF viewer. This is a big deal for Windows users, since you’ll no longer have to install something just to read those types of documents. Chrome will let you open them right within the browser without waiting for an external program or app to load it up.

Your PDF will load quickly and without flaws as soon as you click on it. Google has even made sure your experience is as secure as it can possibly be:

Just like we do with web pages viewed in Chrome, we’ve built in an additional layer of security called the “sandbox” around the Chrome PDF viewer to help protect you from malware and security attacks that are targeted at PDF files.

For now, you have to satisfy yourself with the beta version of the new PDF viewing capabilities. Google hasn’t given a time-frame for a stable release, but promises it will be soon.

If you’re not already a Google Chrome user, is this new feature something that will make you switch to it as a default browser?

How to Convince Someone to Switch Web Browsers

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Someone in the live chat room recently asked how they can convince a relative to stop using Internet Explorer. The answer is that you really can’t – and you shouldn’t. They use what they use because they like it. It’s a matter of personal preference, folks. How would you like it if someone told you you need to stop using Chrome, Firefox or Safari? You’d not be a very happy camper.

If they aren’t happy and are looking for suggestions, then go ahead and give them your ideas. When you try to convince someone to change – whether it’s Web browsers or even religions – you’re superimposing your experiences onto them. You’re forcing your own opinions and perspectives on someone’s life.

If they’re using IE for all the wrong reasons (such as using a very old version), that’s a bad reason. Explain to them why it may not be safe. It may work well and look good to them, but it isn’t safe. Tell them the dangers, and help them understand why they should upgrade or look at a different browser.

If you are going to insist on trying to get someone to change, don’t simply say something is better or faster. You will never win them over. Point out specific features you feel they would appreciate and need that they cannot get in the browser they are using now. The same can hold true if you are talking about phones, gadgets or computers.

Show them something they will be able to do outside of the limitations of what they have now. Ask them what they want their browser (or anything) to do, then show them what fits best with their needs – even if it is Internet Explorer.

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Bring Chrome to Your iPhone

The Chome to iPhone Extension allows you to send text selections, links, and images directly to your Apple device. You can do this with the Extension’s button within the Chrome Extensions menu, or with a contextual menu within Google Chrome. It allows you to set up multiple devices so they can receive the information this Extension is sending them. It also allows you to set up multiple Chrome installs in different PCs. This is very useful to someone who has more than one machine.

You don’t need to jailbreak your device or install any “bridge apps” as you would with a QR relay code app. Chrome to iPhone will open YouTube URLs directly in the YouTube app. Google Map URLs open directly in the Maps app. This will also work with many Android devices, allowing you to send a page or link via a simple right click menu.

This Extension is simple, convenient and smart. You will have to follow a simple setup process on all of your iOS devices. Once you have, you’re ready to roll. The tool will create a shortcut to a static URL on your desktop. That URL redirects to whatever URL you last posted using Chrome to iPhone. Best of all, this will work anywhere that Google Chrome works!

What other cool browser extensions or add-ons do you recommend? How will they help members of the community to get things done in a more efficient manner?

Google Chrome Beta: Speedy and Simple to Use

The newest beta release of Google Chrome promises enhanced usability and stability to users. The new features are designed to increase browser speed and responsiveness and makes it easier for you to access everything you need with just one click.

Autofill will help you fill in Web forms with information you specify, including your name, phone number, address and credit card numbers. The feature builds this information up over time. Eventually, you’ll be able to fill in a long Web form with only a couple of clicks – never having to re-type the information over and over again. For your security and safety, all personal information stored in Chrome is stored securely and kept private until you choose to use it on a Web site.

You’ll find more synchronization capabilities in this new version. In addition to syncing bookmarks, preferences and themes, you can now also sync your Chrome extensions and Autofill data (NOT including credit card numbers) through your Google account. With these sync features, you can personalize your Chrome experience and access your well-organized information and settings no matter what computer you may be using. As long as you sign in to your Google account on Chrome, you’ll be able to access everything you might need. Just head to the “Sync” section of the “Personal Stuff” tab in Chrome’s options to get started.

Are you a Chrome user or beta tester? What are your thoughts on the speed and overall performance of this newest iteration of the popular browser?

How to Copy a URL from a Browser to a Mobile Device

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There are many different ways that you can copy a URL from a browser on your desktop (or laptop!) onto your mobile device. I’ve tried several of them, and finally have found what I feel is the easiest method of all. Google Chrome has an extension called “QR Relay” which is free to use. It will create a QR code from any web page which you can then scan into your phone using a corresponding application. On the iPhone, I happen to use quiQR.

Once the QR Relay extension is installed, you’ll notice a small button on the right side of your web pages. Click that whenever you need to copy a browser URL to place on your phone. A QR code box will automatically be generated. Once it is, I open the quiQR app on my iPhone and hold it still with the camera pointing at the new QR code on the webpage. It scans it in fairly quickly, and opens up the URL in question. Pretty awesome, eh?

There’s more than one reason I chose to use this exact app on my iPhone. I can create a QR code from pretty much anything – including a text message or block of text. For instance, I could place my shipping address and business phone number into a QR code. This way, should my phone ever be lost the QR code could be scanned to reveal the place to send the phone back to. That is, of course, if the person who found my phone cared to make sure it found its way back home.

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Google Chrome 5 Beta

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Marques has created several excellent screencasts for us in the past. This time, he wanted to show off how fast and stable the latest beta release of Google Chrome is. He feels that it’s the fastest browser to date. Additionally, Marques loves that the Extension integration has been made much simpler to use, and is instantaneous when you install or remove them.

There is quite a large collection of Extensions available. You’ll find categories for web development, blogging, shopping, sports, fun and accessibility. They install to your browser instantly with just one click, and remove themselves even faster. All you have to do is click on the little wrench icon at the top right of the browser, and choose Extensions.

The Acid3 Test is a fantastic way to test your browser’s speed and capability. It works with any browser you might have installed. It will determine not only the speed of the browser, but also how well it renders things. As you saw in the screencast, this version of Google Chrome rated 100 out of 100. The rendering wasn’t perfect… but again, it’s still a beta release. Apparently, my assistant Kat tested her Firefox browser, and only received a score of 94/100. That should tell you something, folks, about how much better this iteration of Chrome really is.

Thanks, Marques, for another great screencast.

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