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Gaboogie Teleconference 1/2

It’s day 3 of the launch of Gaboogie, a free teleconferencing system, and Chris Pirillo talks with members of the Live community and the founds of Gaboogie – Erik Lagerway and Daniel Gibbons.

Gaboogie is a different kind of teleconference service, combining the latest IP communications technology with lightweight AJAX code to help manage your conference.

Gaboogie combines the latest IP communications technology and a lightweight AJAX-web interface for booking, scheduling and managing your call. You can start every conference on time, because Gaboogie calls everyone automatically, there’s no waiting for late attendees to show up.You can schedule your call when you sign on and even do it on demand instead of waiting if the need is there.

The great thing about Gaboogie is that the community can join in and take pride in the work being done because that is something that everyone is involved in. It can be a spontaneous event all the time or a planned event. If they need an answer to a question then it can be the job of the person who

Part 1/2

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From BlogWare to WordPress

I hate to sound cliche, but… I’m UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the past couple of days, I’ve been quite silent. Partially, because I’ve been flushing my inbox of necessary tasks (largely Gnomedex related). Partially, because Shayne and I have been working on getting WordPress running on our new servers. That, and I spent some time trying to find a template I liked (and could work with). What you should see before you is the “new” me – with archived posts all the way back to the beginning of chris.pirillo.com – 2002! Insane.