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Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers

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Recently, my friend Michelle had come to visit and help me with some video reviews. While she was here, she decided that WE needed to eat chocolate covered grasshoppers. I wasn’t too sure about this – and still am not! However, what you see is what happened, and both of our reactions.

Michelle’s verdict is that they were kind of tasty, and not “buggy”. I still wasn’t too sure, I mean seriously – THEY ARE BUGS! However, I resigned myself, and ate one. She’s right, it wasn’t horrible. It’s not an experience I’m likely to repeat in this lifetime, but it wasn’t half bad.

Have you ever eaten chocolate covered bugs – or anything else that would be considered to be “odd” by most people? What was it, and did you like it?

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Do Bacon and Chocolate Taste Great Together?

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While I’ve been known to refuse chocolate at times, I’ve never turned down bacon – even if I’m stuffed. Chocolate and bacon is a combination I’ve never considered. However, there’s a chocolate bacon bar on the market now. Mo’s Bacon Bar combines smoky bacon and sweet milk chocolate into one delicious combination.

Interestingly enough, this goodness came about after many years of the creator playing around with flavors. When she was six years old, she realized how yummy her crispy bacon tasted when drenched in maple syrup – or even mixed with the melted chips from her chocolate-chip pancakes! This has resulted in a company she now runs, which is dedicated to combining chocolate with many different tastes.

So of course I ordered one for myself. It contains deep milk chocolate, Alder smoked salt, and Applewood smoke bacon. Yes, I had to try it live on the video just to put my money where my mouth is. I love unique foods anyway, so why not?

Sniffing it, you can definitely smell both bacon and chocolate. At this point, I was having second thoughts – so I bit the proverbial bullet. The texture is like a toffee bar. You can taste the salt with the chocolate while chewing. However, you don’t taste bacon until after you’re done chewing. It’s almost like a bacon aftertaste!

I like it! Make sure to grab a few for yourself!

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Eating Penguin Candy

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One of our chat room moderators is four_ones. He sent me some of this Penguin Candy… so I decided to try it live, with all of you watching and envying.

There are no Hydrogenated oils in this candy, which passes my test. Four_Ones sent this to me because it’s something he grew up eating. His friend’s Mother would bring them from Scotland and keep them in her refridgerator. He used to get busted all the time sneaking to eat them. They’re different colors, but they are all the same flavor. They come individually wrapped, which is good!

Alright, let’s get this show on the road and eat some Penguin! Keep in mind this has nothing to do with Linux. It’s just a trademark of this candy company. Four_Ones says that it tastes sort of like Graham Crackers covered in chocolate, with a creamy chocolate filling. As he’s telling me this, I take my first bite. Holy cow… these are delicious!! I had to yell for Ponzi to come and eat a Penguin.

Thank you for sending me the Penguins, Four_Ones. I do enjoy trying new candy and things. Anytime you want to send me something, I’m definitely up for trying it! If you type “what is sticker” into chat, you will get our general mailbox postal address. Keep in mind, I will only eat things that come from people I know and who are regulars in our community.


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A Peet's Story

From a Gnomie named Theo…

You keep mentioning Peet’s Coffee Tea and Spices, so here is a story.

Back before the ‘seven day war’ in the Mideast, I shopped at Peet’s in Berkeley, CA. He always had good stuff, and the prices were affordable. I recall my like for his mocha java [presumably a blend of mocha coffee and java coffee – not coffee with chocolate flavor]. One day, I bought an bag of whole beans which was put inside another bag, stuffed into my backpack, and then bicycled home. I put the backpack down inside my room and within a minute the whole room smelled of that wonderful coffee. It tasted like heaven, and lifted my spirits the same way.

After the war, that was not available – and I went on to other enjoyable varieties. Moved away and satisfied myself in the last 10 years with Trader Joe’s French Roast, when I do coffee, which I have stopped mostly in last three years – too hard on the liver.

A few years ago, I started seeing Peet’s in my San Diego area. Naturally, I assumed Mr. Peet was no longer overseeing the purchasing and roasting of coffees, but what the hey, give it a chance. I sat down and had an espresso and it was not very good – lackluster, off-flavor, spoiled. Well, maybe once is bad luck, but I did not go back for fresh or packaged coffee.

Just the other day somebody brought in ground French Roast from Peet’s, so I figured that would be worth trying as a data point. At the usual indecent strength I brew coffee [heaping tablespoon for 6 oz water], it was fresh and clean, but very thin in flavor and aroma.

I think Gresham’s law applies [the bad swamps out the good when demand is high]. Also I read coffee and chocolate plants have become selected, cloned, grown in unnatural ways, forced to grow with fertilizer and pesticide, so we have things a shade of its previous self, and fungus etc. attacking what is left. ‘Course that has happened to much of our food.

Chocolate does not taste as it did decades or years ago, and not all because I am becoming older. Again, I recall in the mid 70’s when recycling just started to be a fad, people left all sorts of things at recycling centers to be “recycled.” One item I stumbled upon was a 25 pound [yes, pound] sack of Ghirardelli’s cocoa. I figured it was meant for me, so I “recycled” it. For over 10 years, I’ve taken from that unrefrigerated sack to make hot cocoa, etc. – and the flavor and aroma, though lessening with time, exceeded what I can find today.

Anyhow, hope we can find enjoyable coffees and chocolates when we want. I still have the memories. And just shared them.